Holy molars! A miracle in Texas

What you are about to read, well… I could hardly believe it, but here it goes. Recently, the Hispanic churches in my hometown of Stephenville – Baptist, Charismatic and Pentecostal – came together to hear an evangelist from Mexico. At one point in one of the services, he said that he believed that God wanted […]

Real Estate

Home mortgage business marketing

With increases in interest rates, it is starting to hit the mortgage business. Fewer are looking to refinance and real estate sales are slowing. This means it’s time to up your marketing game as there are fewer takers. With this in mind, let’s talk a little about your online marketing and advertising. Your new task […]


Survive when the fire ax falls

The Philadelphia Inquirer is probably like many newspapers around the world: short-staffed, losing money, trying to stay afloat. And while he’s at it, he features a series of articles on how to get fired. Well, that’s not what THEY call it; his title is Lost jobs: turmoil in the region’s labor market but trust me, […]

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Kerala delights

The best thing about traveling in Kerala is that one never has to eat the same typical food everywhere. You can delight your taste buds in each region of Kerala as each district has its own mouth-watering sumptuous delicacies that should not be missed at any price. Nearly every dish consists of rice followed by […]