10 great gifts for a 12-year-old’s birthday

If you need a dazzling gift for a 12-year-old’s birthday, one of the 10 gifts below may be just right. All gifts will bring smiles of joy and make you a hero in the eyes of that 12-year-old.

So if you’re ready, here we go:

* Barbie dolls –

Make that 12-year-old girl’s heart leap for joy when she has her very own Barbie doll. Also, you can equip the doll with fashionable clothes, shoes and jewelry.

* Helmet –

A colorful helmet for a cyclist is a beautiful gift. Some helmets are equipped with special night lights.

* Fortune Teller Kit –

Many 12 year olds are fortune tellers and would value their own fortune telling kit. Most kits come equipped with a seer globe, cards, palm reading instructions, and zodiac predictions.

* Scrapbooking Kit –

People of all ages are excited about scrapbooking. You can put together a scrapbooking kit with decorative papers, albums, rubber stamps, inks, and designs.

* Name offset –

This is a painting of the person’s name and meaning on a background of a painted giraffe, wolf, or some other animal from nature. The painting includes a golden crown, shield, painted borders, and stamps. It is ready to frame and hang on the wall.

* Trampoline –

Who doesn’t like a trampoline? The trampoline must have sides and padding on all metal parts. The most desired are outdoor trampolines. The indoor types are smaller and also provide great fun for the whole family.

* Sleeping bag –

Camping is an exciting part of life. A sleeping bag is a welcome gift even if you’re just backyard camping.

* Security vest –

A safety vest is ideal to wear on city streets or in the woods. It is equipped with flashing lights and reflectors. There are inside and outside pockets for valuables, as well as a strong whistle attached to the collar.

* Jewels –

There are all kinds of jewelry to dazzle everyone. Some jewels light up or blink. There are rings with a secret compartment. Other rings come with a complete set of interchangeable stones.

* Purse –

A wallet is a great gift for a girl or boy. They range from slim leather wallets that lie flat in the back pockets to painted wallets full of pockets and accessories.

A 12-year-old’s birthday is a great occasion and the excitement can last for days. Whatever gift you give, from a gift roll to a trampoline, the 12-year-old will love it. And that’s the real gift

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