2 Special Christmas Gift Techniques to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Love You Again

God loves us when we were still sinners. Your relationship with your ex boyfriend soured for some reasons that led to a breakup, and now you want your ex boyfriend to want you back before the New Year. Christmas is the perfect season of the year to give and forgive. Here are 2 special techniques to give Christmas gifts to make your ex boyfriend love you back.

There is an art to selecting and giving Christmas gifts. Study and apply the 2 special techniques for giving Christmas gifts suggested below. They will make your ex boyfriend love you back and they will make your ex boyfriend love you back and best of all, they are rewarding too!

Christmas Gift Giving Technique 1 – The Most Powerful Christmas Gifts Are Intangible

A surprise phone call to your lonely and hurt ex-boyfriend, a surprise personal visit, a handmade card that says “Merry Christmas, thanks for being a wonderful friend” – these types of Christmas gifts have a much bigger impact than a fruit basket or a standardized Christmas card. Intangible gifts suggest, “I really care about you.” Ordinary store-bought Christmas gifts, on the other hand, say, “I have fulfilled my obligation to remember you.”

Christmas Gift Giving Technique 2: When you give a tangible Christmas gift, tailor it to your ex boyfriend’s interests

The Christmas gift you give her that will make your ex boyfriend want you back should say, “I know you better than any girl: your interests, needs, wants, and desires.” If you’re very observant when you were together, you’ll notice that your ex boyfriend collects certain things that he’s particularly interested in: china, rabbits, ashtrays, old thimbles, clay, CDs, frogs, cats, you name it. Keep your eyes open for unusual variations on what your ex boyfriend likes to collect. When you find something that you think relates to your ex boyfriend’s interest, buy it and send it to him with a short note.

Nobody who is a serious collector ever throws away an object; they always remember who gave it to them. A well-chosen Christmas gift is more appreciated than a liquor, a fruit basket, or any other gift that requires no thought, just money, to buy.

Tailor a special Christmas gift to your ex boyfriend’s interest, add your personal touch and scent to the Christmas gift you give him and watch how your ex boyfriend will want to come back to you and love you again. These special Christmas gift techniques will help your ex boyfriend love you back. What are you waiting for to take the plunge and make your ex boyfriend want you back?

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