About the Xbox One FAQ

Xbox one is a video game console developed and marketed by Microsoft. Since the console became the center of attention, there have been many questions surrounding it. These are some of the frequently asked questions about the console: Does the console require an internet connection? No, you do not need an Internet connection to use […]


Aquaponics and going off the grid

My goal with this series of articles is to discuss a wide variety of topics that interest me, most of which have to do with disconnecting from the web, growing organic food for my own use and that of my pets, and making more sustainable choices. in general. . To that end, I’ll start by […]

Real Estate

EcoRock drywall is laying the foundation for residential and commercial green building applications

Serious Materials are the creators of the new eco-friendly EcoRock gypsum board that is revolutionizing green building practices with materials that are 90% more efficient than traditionally used and five times more environmentally friendly. People are already eagerly awaiting the day when they can find this new “green” product at their local building supply store. […]

Tours Travel

The Seven Falls Adventure Hike: A Willow Canyon Mountain Slide & Canyoning Exploration

Arizona is an incredibly beautiful and wildly diverse state with topography ranging from low-level desert landscapes to high mountain peaks and mountain ranges of alpine forests. However, more than any other geological feature, Arizona is widely known for its beautiful and remote rocky canyons, deep gorges, waterfalls, and pools that are scattered throughout the state. […]