How to learn to code: some proven ways

Not everyone knows computer programming and not all of us are interested in learning this discipline. Why? For one thing, working with computers takes a lot of time and effort. This does not mean that it is physical work, but a lot of mental work. But do you know that you don’t really need a […]


Home improvement loan or personal loan

Personal loan or home improvement loan? That is the question. We love decorating our houses. And there are phases in our lives where perhaps we have spent too much time watching Food Food or TLC and thus have built castles in the air of visions of turning our kitchen into a chef’s paradise. Or maybe […]


Ben Glenn the Chalk Boy

Last weekend I was unexpectedly surprised. For me, one thing that is even more exciting and profound than witnessing something amazing is being present with others when they see it too. Specifically, there are few things more completely and totally humiliating than looking in the middle of a moment like that to see my 12-year-old […]


Monster Freedom PSP Slim and Lite Guide

Here comes a new game looking to be the next craze on Sony’s PSP? Monster Hunter Freedom. Is Sony’s PlayStation Portable the new home of an exciting title? Monster Hunter Freedom. If you’re the type of gamer looking for butt kicks and lots of monster hunting action then you’ve come to the right place. Because […]

Legal Law

Office space to reflect your brand

We spend long hours at work and where we do our work can affect the quantity and quality of work that is produced there. Solopreneur consultants often brag about our ability to work from home, the coffee shop, the library, or the hammock, but these environments can bring many distractions that have the potential to […]