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Book Review: A President From Hawaii

Dr. Carolan and Joanna Carolan have put together a beautiful book that shows the influence Hawaii had on Barack Obama, who grew up there and later became the first president of that state. The less than seventy pages are not only beautifully illustrated, but also clearly express the values ​​held by the Hawaiian people, both […]

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Most common car insurance discounts

The reports list many different expense categories and average amounts, but they are still valid indicators of how expensive car insurance can be. It gets worse when the driver falls into the high-risk category. A high-risk driver is one who tends to file claims more frequently than the average person due to a history of […]


Ten rules for family businesses

Family businesses can be a blessing or a disaster. The root of a well-run family business is based on treating it as a business, not as an extension of the family. Here are ten guidelines that successful family businesses practice. 1. Get the family member to work elsewhere first. It is not absolutely necessary for […]


Understanding financial equilibrium analysis

Most business owners are familiar with the big three financial documents: Profit and loss statement (income) Cash flow statement (or projection, when used for budget planning) Balance sheet These statements are compiled monthly, quarterly, and annually, each providing useful information about the fiscal health of the business. The smart business owner consults these statements every […]