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Differences between Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2007 – Overview

Microsoft Word, which is one of the most used Microsoft applications, allows users to write and create, view, copy, paste, save, edit, share and print text documents, etc. Microsoft Word application rules the word processing market as it enables users to embellish their text documents by inserting animated pictures and images, graphs, diagrams, tables, figures […]


Fantastic sportsmanship, or not

The home team crowd boo when the opposing team enters the field. The number of fans certainly outnumbers that of his opponent, so the applause from the away team’s fan base is almost silenced. The pre-game announcements on the jumbo-tron remind fans, as well as players, to respect each other, their teammates, and most of […]


Worshiping at the FICO Altar

FICO stands for Fair Issac Corporation. Bill Fair and Earl Issac started a consulting business in the 1950s and developed FICO scores, which measure credit risk. I keep trying to think of alternative definitions for the acronym FICO: * Floundering In Credit Oppression. * Forget that I am crushed by credit. * Forever Instant Credit […]