Acid reflux recipes

When acid reflux becomes a normal part of life, the patient is commonly advised to change their diet. Try to avoid citrus fruits, try to avoid acids. See if the changes improve it. So give it a try. You experiment. And all the time, you wish there were recipes to cure acid reflux. You finally […]

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History of playing cards

Playing cards are one of the oldest forms of man-made “toys” and can be used for a variety of different purposes. Gambling, magic and tarot reading are some examples of the use of these cards. They can come in specially layered paper, thin cardboard, plastic, and in some cases thin metal. A ‘deck’ or ‘pack’ […]


Timeshare Vs Hotel – Where to stay?

It is 2 in the morning. The children frown. Dad tries in vain to stop Mom from banging on the door and yelling at the chatty couple in the next room. Little Sara is not feeling well. The Doctor’s Diagnosis: Undeniably the symptoms of a Labor Day weekend spent in a hotel. The cure: a […]

Shopping Product Reviews

Mobile phone deals: select one of the best

There are many factors that can affect buyers’ decisions when buying the latest mobile phones. In today’s scenario, the consumer can carry the best smartphone with elegant appearance and advanced specifications quietly, easily and efficiently. Now, consumers have several options to choose the best product at an affordable price with a cost-effective rate plan. There […]

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Famous athletes who wore glasses

At some point along the lines, it became unattractive to wear recreational lenses (goggles) in sports. At some point in the mid to late 1990s, people must have made an announcement that the people who wore them weren’t with the hip crowd. Well I think that’s full mularkey. I mean, they chose that lifestyle. Wearing […]