Onkyo TX-8555 receiver review

Have you decided that you need a good but affordable stereo receiver? If your answer is yes, I would like to suggest that you take a look at the Onkyo TX-8555. One good thing about Onkyo products is that they are manufactured by a company that has more than six decades of experience in manufacturing […]


Perception often does not reflect reality

A few days ago, the University of Oregon played Ohio State University in the championship game of the first four-team college football tie. If we had continued to use the old system, called BCS, to determine the two teams that would have played for the championship, neither of those teams would have been involved in […]

Health Fitness

Nutritionists in the 21st century

As obesity continues to skyrocket in the United States for both children and adults, people often wonder what they should eat and what is good for them. Conflicting information on diets (protein, no protein, “good” carbs, “bad” carbs, trans fats, etc.) continues to confuse most media listeners. Nutritionists can help unravel the facts and myths […]