The Fire Safety Bill Becomes Fire Safety Act 2021

Safety Bill Becomes Fire Safety Act 2021 The Government’s new Building Safety Bill, which is still in its various stages in Parliament, will bring changes to the building and leaseholders’ responsibilities in ensuring the fire safety of multi-occupied residential properties. The aim is to make buildings safer for tenants and owners, and to clarify the […]


Why Rent the Maltese Falcon Yacht?

Rent the Maltese Falcon Yacht Founded in 2006, the maltese falcon yacht has been the talk of the sea. The 88-meter superyacht features three massive rotating masts that can support five sails. These can propel the boat to speeds of 24 knots. During sea trials, the yacht achieved a top speed of 26 knots during […]

Health Fitness

Fast muscle pump without weights

If lifting weights or hitting the gym isn’t your thing, you can still build a solid physique. The following no-weight routine pumps your muscles well and no equipment is needed. Complete 10 repetitions of each maneuver or if you feel strong do more 15-20. Do the workout daily if you don’t do any weight training […]


A good health plan for Beagle

Pet owners are always concerned about the proper way to care for their animals and when you decide to invest in a beagle for your family pet, your first concern should be proper beagle health care tips. Owning a pet is a lot of work, but there are some very simple ideas you can use […]