origin of the "cajun" fried turkey

While preparing for this year’s Thanksgiving festival, where I will be serving a delicious fried turkey, I became interested in the origin of the succulent treat. What is fried turkey? “Frying whole turkeys is kind of the southern version of making fondue. You have a lot of your friends, you poke around in a pot […]

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Estimate your income from blogs

Another question I get asked (and even think about myself) is how much can I earn from my blog. While every blog is different, with different traffic patterns, click-through rates, and pay-per-click, I’d like to walk you through an exercise that could help you better estimate your own blogging revenue. For this example, we’ll assume […]

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Some adverse effects of probiotics

Since the beginning of time, humans have benefited from probiotics; they just didn’t know. By its definition: “the use of specific strains of microorganisms to promote a healthy proliferation of beneficial microorganisms in humans” we can see that some microorganisms are naturally good for us. Specific strains of bacteria, if used in the right amounts, […]


How to start beekeeping for free

Beekeeping has suddenly become popular after being in decline for more than half a century. Honey bees have been in the news for all the wrong reasons: colony collapses, pesticide poisoning, and parasitic mites, and all of this bad news seems to have triggered an almost primal desire in people to want to help and […]


How to build and maintain a thriving Facebook Page

While Facebook and Twitter are battling it out for the top spot in the social networking world, one thing is clear: Facebook far outpaces all other social networking sites, including MySpace and LinkedIn. Twitter is undeniably popular, but the 140-character limitation is, well, limiting. MySpace has clearly focused on becoming super-appealing to teenagers. LinkedIn is […]