Ten rules for teenagers

Some of my favorite people these days are teenagers. I’m not an expert on teens or family interactions, but I do know that kids need rules. I wrote these ten for one of those fabulous teenagers who inhabit my world. They are not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather highlight the highlights of life right […]

Legal Law

Employment law is not workers’ compensation law

Since employment law and workers’ compensation law relate to people and their workplace, it is common, though incorrect, for the two to be used interchangeably in conversation. These are the key distinctions between these important areas of the law. labor law is: ADA violations – The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, prohibits discrimination in the […]

Lifestyle Fashion

The best travel destinations in the world

Singapore it is the vibrant and energetic city where East meets West with the traditional and the modern. It is one of the world’s financial centers and famous for its world-class shopping, modern architecture, and delicious cuisine. Lion City offers a unique experience for every visitor, from colorful ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. Singapore, the […]

Real Estate

COVID prevention alternative to vaccines

The massive global effort to get COVID vaccines used plays into fears of contracting the disease, even though they are experimental. Which means they haven’t been through the rigorous, expensive, and time-consuming randomized clinical trials that so many experts say is the gold standard for testing drugs. This absence was used by the government to […]


Who is the best football team in the SEC?

When the Crimson Tide take on the Texas Longhorns in the BCS National Championship game on Thursday night; Alabama will play for SEC Football’s 19th national title. 36 gold. 53 gold. Or whatever you want. It depends on how we determine “national championship” as to what this total can be. One thing that is positive […]

Arts Entertainments

Myths surrounding drug abuse and addiction

Misconceptions and incorrect information often fuel drug abuse and lead to addiction. Despite being an emotional problem, drug addiction is mostly surrounded by conflicting points of view. Additionally, the portrayal of the stereotypical drug addict on film and television has given rise to a plethora of misconceptions that skew reality, creating problems for both the […]

Home Kitchen

stylish houses

INTERIORS FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM A house has many arenas as we discussed above. We will talk about some of the most essential areas of the house. Starting with the living room, we can say that it is the busiest room in the house. Living room design for comfort and relaxation. Typically, when a visitor […]


9 Quotes From Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley has become an almost mythological place where the Internet-age world’s brightest daredevils have made billions of dollars from hugely popular websites, software, and computer technology. It is a place where America’s most fundamental designs for freedom and the pursuit of happiness are realized every day and where the American dream of self-made success […]