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front bar

The front bar is exactly where the customers’ drinks are served. The space is 16 to 18 inches wide, covered by an impervious surface of treated wood, stone (such as marble or granite), or laminated plastic. Some bars have a padded armrest 6 to 8 inches along the front edge. The recessed area, closest to […]


Hydrogen as an alternative fuel source

If you’re like most of us in the United States, you’re starting to look for some relief at the pump. I just filled my car up the other day with 11 gallons and the price came to just over $44. That’s right, the dreaded $4/gallon. Because I drive a lot, and I also like to […]

Digital Marketing

How do you build a sales funnel?

An effective sales funnel system helps you guide qualified prospects through the sales process so they buy from you and remain loyal customers. Sales funnels help a business identify how they will capture the attention of their audience, overcome objections, improve engagement, and drive more sales. 1. Get attention This is where you first make […]

Health Fitness

Healthy Eating: Smoothie Recipes

Just like those icy, tasty fruit smoothies, smoothies are perfect for sipping on sunny days and in humid environments. Drinking your favorite smoothie is sure to quench your thirst with its relaxing flavor. In addition to its delicious taste, of course, each smoothie also contains essential vitamins and minerals from fruits that keep your body […]

Real Estate

FSBO Homes for Sale for Buyers on a Budget

FSBO homes for sale are quite common in the real estate market, as many homeowners often change homes over the years. These houses are, of course, pre-owned, but some sellers would first make repairs before selling. FSBO Purchase When considering FSBO home sales, be sure to get comparable prices for similar homes in the same […]