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3 easy-to-grow vegetables for your garden

Gardening can be a very relaxing and peaceful activity for the mind and soul. And, since you’re at it, why not try growing some easy-to-grow veggies in your garden? Believe me when I say, it really feels good when you pluck fresh vegetables from your own garden, which you have put so much love into growing. In fact, the food somehow tastes better too, it could be the effort you’ve put into growing it that makes it tastier.

So, let’s learn about some easy-to-grow veggies for your garden.

Lettuce or salad leaves

Lettuce is something that grows very fast and at the same time is easily harvested.

• You need to select a container that is approximately 4-6 inches, this will easily accommodate 2-3 plants.

• Fill with a good quality seed starter mix that is wet.

• With your hands, settle the earth a little

• Leave a 1-3 inch space for watering and fertilizing

• Add the lettuce seeds according to the directions given on the package and store in a place that receives some bright sunlight.

• Until the lettuce seeds sprout, water the soil to keep it moist.

• Fertilize the plant as mentioned on the package and if the package already contains fertilizer, wait 10 weeks before adding fertilizer again.

• Once you see the lettuce grow 2-3 inches tall, add an organic layer on top to keep the soil moist.

• Harvest lettuce carefully without disturbing other roots around it and can be replanted every 2 weeks for continued production.


Very popular vegetable in any size garden, it can be grown inside hanging baskets and even in other containers. You should put them in a place where there is a lot of sunlight and make sure they have some support for their stems.

• You need a container of approximately 5 gallons

• Drill approximately ¼ inch holes in the bottom of your container

• Place a layer of gravel about 2-3 inches

• Then add ¾ of bagged soil to start the pot.

• Add tomato seeds according to package directions and place pot in sunny area.

• When you see the small tomatoes grow, add some fresh soil to the container, this will support their growing stem.

• Plant a marigold flower with the tomato plant to keep insects away.

• Make sure you get enough sunlight for 8 hours a day


Again, carrots are very easy to grow in your home garden and need a fair amount of sunlight, just like many other plants.

• Carrot planting should be planned at least 3-5 weeks before last spring’s date.

• Ideally they need full sun; However, it can tolerate a moderate extent of shade.

• Carrot seeds should be planted in rows that should be 3 to 4 inches apart.

• Make sure there are no stones in the soil in which you plan to plant carrots.

• Mulch gently to keep the soil moist, block sunlight from reaching the roots, and speed germination.

• When plants are 1 inch tall, cut with scissors and not by pulling, which can damage the roots.

• Water it once to an inch each week

• Fertilize after 5-6 weeks from sowing.

• Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight

I hope this article is helpful for people looking to start a garden!

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