5 Tips to Keep Your Parking Fire Lane and ADA Striping Compliant

When your parking lot needs to meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Accessible Design Standards, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, when you need to provide parking spaces, you have an immediate obligation to remove any accessibility barriers that may exist in your parking facility. It is relatively inexpensive to make ADA bands and therefore quite achievable. Here are some tips to make sure you get it right the first time.

Tip No. # 1: know your number

In each garage or parking lot, the minimum number of accessible spaces is based on the provided number of parking spaces. Out of every six accessible spaces, at least one must be accessible by van.

It is always a good idea to perform routine maintenance and repaint your parking lot every one to three years. Signage and stripes are required and must comply with the fire code and ADA stripes regulations.

Tip No. # 1: Follow Your Own State Parking Requirements

Parking restrictions in accordance with ADA requirements are mandatory by the state. In other words, you will need to inquire about ADA requirements that are specific to your own state. On the other hand, poorly marked no-parking areas are a universal problem. Also, many drivers are aware and still decide to park illegally. State laws restrict parking areas for the purpose of public safety. After all, emergency personnel never want to deal with limited access due to illegal parking.

Tip No. 3: fire lane signs

If you own a building or business, the ADA requires that you post signs indicating a fire lane to maintain a designated lane for first responders or fire trucks to use during an emergency situation. These types of urgent situations can include fire fighting or even another type of emergency.

A fire lane that does not have a parking sign indicates that all drivers and customers of your business should not park in an area designated as a fire lane. Also, at times when parking is not easy, none of the cars should park blocking these fire lanes, as they must be kept clear at all times. Often times these types of signage are also a requirement of your local government to ensure protection and compliance for all public establishments.

Tip No. 4 Tracing your spaces

When marking your parking spaces, you must provide access to the ADA-required parking space. This means that there must be a removal of all barriers that hinder access to existing parking lots. The ADA stipulates that parking spaces leading to a specific building must be constructed on the shortest accessible route from the parking point to the entrance.

Tip No. 5 Size matters

When marking your parking lot, size does matter. ADA has size specifications that you must follow. For example, accessible parking spaces must be a minimum of eight feet wide and must have an access aisle adjacent to it. When it comes to truck parking spaces, an adjacent eight-foot aisle is required. If striping car spaces, there must be a five foot wide access aisle adjacent to the parking space. Use the highest quality paint to ensure the brightest lines possible.

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