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Everyone who writes online does so because they love to write. Some have photos they want to share. Some share therapy. Some thoughts. Almost everyone writes from experience, sharing what they have learned with others who want to learn. Social sharers also enjoy the responses and interactions with those who have read their writing. This […]


Music and Politics

Jerome Camal, French by birth, is an Assistant at Washington University in Saint Louis in Jazz Studies, Logic of Music, and Logic of Ethnic Music. But he is also a saxophonist who is not satisfied with living off academic pursuits and does not want to be called by the teacher, but prefers to play in […]

Legal Law

The best classic rock songs in 5 minutes

Rock has gone through so many phases since Bill Haley & The Comets “invented” rock ‘n’ roll with the classic rock song “Rock Around The Clock.” It sparked a revolution and new genres that would evolve through critically acclaimed. and commercially successful artists like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and U2, just […]


Sports memorabilia in the year 1960

It was the year 1960 -Did you know that? • Squaw Valley, California, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, was snow-free as the time for the games approached. A local Native American tribe, the Piute, performed an Indian Snow Dance, and believe it or not, it worked. A blizzard ensued, and the games went on […]