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Take time to get your life in order

When you think of clutter, do you think of things or disorganization in your house? That is certainly a definition of clutter, but clutter is much more than that. Clutter can be unfinished projects hanging over your head or tolerances you put up with in life. Clutter is unhealthy relationships, bad habits, negative thoughts, and […]


East Ascot

Roy Richwine purchased the property now known as Williams Grove Speedway in 1937. It was previously known as Grangers Picnic Fairgrounds. The first race was held on May 21, 1939. Joey Chitwood Sr set the fastest time that day by finishing a lap in 26.03 seconds. Tommy Hinnershitz won the forty lap feature, earning $400. […]

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Speed ​​reading techniques: the problems caused by visual regression and how to eliminate them

Visual regression is a common problem among readers. It can slow down your reading speed and cause numerous comprehension problems. Many people have visual regression without realizing it. Fortunately, it’s an easy problem to fix. This article will explain visual regression and its problems, and provide you with an easy solution that you can put […]