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Communities grow their youth in many ways. As an award-winning educator entering my forty-seventh year of educational service; I am delighted with the youth programs that I support through the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs.

Throughout the years of my volunteering, I am aware of the support for the educational engagement of families and school districts that have a dynamic impact on the present and future of urban culture. I have seen young people of all backgrounds come to post-secondary informational events organized in disparate college settings, full of energy to learn and find pathways to what may happen next in their planning. It is an innovative experience for thousands of students. A preponderance of these students have a new vision quest due to the exposure this career program offers. Energy is a hallmark of why this program works for youth.

There is a plethora of volunteers who act as guides during the day and conduct outreach activities for inclusion. Judges, business leaders, self-defense coaches, military veterans, a delightful group of American people of rank and diversity, the ranks of volunteers, and life-informed believers to help these high school youth realize who and who they are. They may be. Future Selfing is very important. One subtlety is the culture of respect and positive regard for these students. They are very intuitive and appreciate the positive regard that pervades the intention and the best hope that underpins the career path plan as done here. The terminology does not convey the superlative quality of this youth program or all the credit it deserves.

On a personal level, I can remember when I graduated from high school with honors, my high school counselor called me into his office in my senior year to ask if I thought I might want to go to college. The way this portal works sends the message: of course you can go to college or the next preparation that suits you best. The inclusive culture and durability of this effort send a message through actions that challenge stereotypes and are powerful for the future of all communities.

The collateral benefits accrue from a young mentor for the students who choose this exhibition … reflections that result when they are asked to summarize their personal opinion on this experience.

I have gained a lot of experience working with young people, I learned a variety of things while taking some of their workshops with them. I’ve met a ton of amazing ambassadors. As a volunteer in organizing the events, I have learned some project management skills, organizational skills, and definitely leadership skills.

Other organizations offer similar benefits and have done so for decades. They are all good villagers. I am happy to visit and review other good work for students.

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