Bell training a dog: the 4 keys to success so that your dog tells you when to go

Would you like your dog to be housebroken in half the time it normally takes? Are you looking for a way to make your dog super responsive? Bell training your dog is a quick way to educate your dog. It will be fun and rewarding for both you and your dog. I will reveal to you the 4 keys to success for bell training your dog.

Key to Success #1: Location, Location, Location

Whichever door your dog walks out of, hang the bells there. If your dog uses more than one door, hang the bells there too. Be sure to hang the bells on the inside doorknob(s).

Key to Success #2: Stick with a Single Potty Training Command

In my case I use “Let’s Go Pee”. You can use any phrase you choose. Just make sure you stick to it. Make sure your home uses whatever phrase you choose as well. You want to be consistent in your order.

Success Key #3: First thing in the morning

As soon as your dog wakes up in the morning is the best time to start training. This way he will know for sure that his dog has to go. As soon as you give the command “Let’s go pee,” have your dog gently tap the bells with his paws. Your dog will most likely have to get really sick, so just have him ring the bell 2 or 3 times quickly. As the bell rings, encourage your dog with “Good boy!” or other words of encouragement.

Refrain from giving your dog treats at this time. You don’t want to train your dog to think that ringing the bell gives him a treat. Give him the treat only after he goes out to relieve himself.

Key to Success #4: Consistency and Repetition

Your dog learns through these 2 factors mainly. You will want to repeat this process every morning when your dog wakes up. After 4 to 8 hours have passed depending on the age of your dog, repeat this same process. 4 if he is a puppy and 8 if he is an adult. This way you will know for sure that they have to use the bathroom.

Remember that the location of the bells is key. Always stick to a potty training command and have your family members do the same. Take your dog out as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Repetition and consistency will make the whole process adhere and stay fast. Apply these 4 keys to success and you’ll be on your way to dog owner happiness.

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