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Bus conversion functions make it easy to drive full-time RVs

While motor homes and factory trailers are popular, you will find many bus conversions for sale on the market. That’s because a section of buyers is biased towards this category, and for good reason. Old, dilapidated school buses and city buses may not seem like much at first, but you can easily transform them into comfortable living spaces. There is something personal and intimate about owning a bus conversion, customized to your requirements. Turning these compact motorhomes into a cozy retreat is easy, and full-time RV-ers can make your life on the road more comfortable with the following features:

Brighter interiors

Keep interiors bright and white. This not only provides a cleaner aesthetic, but also helps to easily separate your living space from the kitchen. In addition, it gives the illusion of more space and improves the mood of the passengers.

Useful changes in the kitchen area

Add lots of shelves and cabinets to kitchen walls for easy food and product storage. You can also install hooks to hang your towels and cleaning cloths. If you are adding a countertop to the kitchen, be sure to fully utilize the available space by installing a dishwasher in the bottom half and a gas burner in the top. If there is more than one counter, you can add other useful appliances like freezers and sinks.

Add more space for your storage needs

When you plan to live in a refurbished bus full time, you will never have enough storage space. You need to get creative and find new ways to store your things. For example, if you have a sofa in the living room, you can convert the armrest into a vertical storage space, while the lower part offers a horizontal storage space. This is not only an inexpensive solution, but it also helps keep your trash out of sight.

The space under the sofa seat provides enough space to store electrical equipment and its batteries.

The more space you save, the more modifications you can make to the interior of your deck. For example, using the sofa spaces to the fullest allows you to install a large door in the middle of the bus, allowing fresh air and light to enter the platform.

Build a pet-friendly workstation

You can set up a workstation in the front of your vehicle. The desk should be a decent size, allowing you to stand up and work. If you have a dog on board, you can add a kennel under the work station. This means that your pet can keep you company while you do your job.

Focus on the bathroom

A full-time RV-er will require a spacious bathroom. Add door storage space to store your essentials like toothbrushes, pastes, lotions, and handy shampoos. If you have enough space in the bathroom, install a bathtub and place the shower head right above it. Getting ready in the morning will be easier if you put a mirror over the door.

Feeling like buying that bus conversion you saw on sale the other day? Go for it! Although it is not your first choice, but if the life of a full-time RV-er appeals to you, then you are in luck. Bus conversions offer greater flexibility than conventional motor homes, and you can customize the vehicle to your requirements.

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