Conference venues in Berg, KZN, South Africa

When one considers the stunning location of the Drakensberg as a likely destination for the conference, what comes to mind is the main road through the Central Berg to the north of the Drakensberg. Understandably, as there is no question about it, this place from little Berg outside Pietermaritzburg to the Free State is adequately “stocked” with 3 and 4 star resorts and each has wonderful conference rooms and adequate accommodation. There is, the occasionally forgotten Southern Berg, within the Underberg part of Pietermaritzburg, which although a bit off the beaten path, is a stone’s throw from Pietermaritzburg and worth considering for your next conference if it’s about countryside, solitude, golf . , teamwork, beauty and some adrenaline that you are looking for.

The Drakensberg in KZN is divided into three main regions which are the Northern, Central and Southern Drakensberg. The Northern Drakensberg is a continuation of the Central Drakensberg and the picturesque Champagne Valley from Winterton and Bergville (where the highest peak in this part of the Berg is at Mont-aux-Sources at an elevation of about 3,300 feet) to the edge of the State free. In the northernmost part of the Drakensberg you will find the Royal Natal National Park with many popular and professionally managed hotels with conference centers nearby, several excellent golf courses, a variety of team building companies including the exclusive “Adventure Center ” at the charming Montusi Mountain Lodge. Swing on the flying trapeze at the nearby Adventure Center (as well as giant trampolines, rappelling, and other cool options).

Golf in the south of Berg. The enchanting setting of the renowned 18-hole course at Drakensberg Gardens Hotel is just an hour and a half’s drive from Pietermaritzburg, just beyond Underberg, which also offers great conference facilities and ample accommodation. A well-kept and fully equipped campsite for holidaymakers who prefer to spend a little time, nestled among leafy trees, part of the Gooderson Group and managed by the hotel. Along the way you will find many small hotels and campsites with stunning views, lakes, trout fishing, wildlife and pristine terrain. The beauty of this unspoiled area has not been much interrupted by trade, yet it retains its original uniqueness. Those who wish to take the tour through the ‘Roof of Africa’ gateway, to drive up the mountain towards Lesotho by road to ‘Africa’s Highest Pub’ will enjoy the ride, a great meal at ‘The Highest Pub ‘ , drink and soak in the incomparable beauty from this incredible height, and return to the warmth and hospitality of the Sani Pass Hotel in the evening or spend a night at the top. Passports are required for this relatively short trip. 4×4 vehicles are essential on this route.

The Sani Pass is a spectacular mountain road that is a popular entry point into Lesotho from South Africa. The Sani Pass is the only border post between Kwazulu-Natal and Lesotho. A 4X4 vehicle is necessary for this trail, especially if the weather is bad. Never underestimate the probability of a change in the weather in Lesotho. A common truth is that you can have four seasons in one day, so be prepared.

Walk or tour this beautiful area of ​​the Berg and stop at all the lovely little places along the way.

Accommodation in Underberg –

The Underberg accommodation is an ideal central point for exploring the southern Drakensberg. The southern Drakensberg presents more fly fishing opportunities than anywhere else in South Africa. The Underberg district also has three golf courses and many opportunities for rafting, canoeing and tubing. Horse trails and polo fields add an extra dimension to the list of fun activities in the area.

Underberg Accommodation Directory

• Golf estate and hotel Drakensberg Gardens

• Himeville Arms Hotel – Hotel accommodation near Sani Pass – Southern Drakensberg

• Sani Lodge – Drakensberg Backpackers

• Sani Pass Hotel: South Africa’s first Drakensberg Resort

• Sani Top Chalet – Accommodation at the top of Sani Pass

• Moorcroft Manor: accommodation near Underberg in the southern Drakensberg

• Pennygum Country Cottages – Accommodation near Underberg – Southern Drakensberg

• Plum Tree Lodge – a rural guest house offering B&B accommodation near the Underberg in KwaZulu Natal

• Robins Nest Guest House – Bed and Breakfast – Guest house accommodation in Underberg

• Sani Lodge – Underberg Drakensberg Backpacker Accommodation

• Sani Pass Hotel – South Africa’s premier Drakensberg Resort near Underberg

• Taylors B&B: bed and breakfast on a farm near Underberg Southern Drakensberg

• Tumble In: Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Underberg, near Sani Pass, South Africa

• Valemount Country Lodge – B&B and luxury self-catering accommodation near Underberg in the southern Drakensberg.

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