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Design a couple’s dream house using 3D rendering software

Marriage is a new beginning. You and your loving spouse are going to start a family and a new life and that is best exemplified by a new home, a home that you can proudly say is yours, born of your sweat and hard work. If you want your home to be totally different from others, you may want to design it yourself. A home that you and your loved one created will be a strong symbol of your love and devotion for one another. You can do this with the help of 3D rendering technology.

The Ultimate Graphics Software

3D rendering is very powerful software. Unlike Photoshop, which simply manipulates photographs, 3D rendering allows you to create a photorealistic digital image of anything your mind can imagine. Along with 3D modeling, you can even create a realistic visualization of the house you design. Of course, you still have to consult an architect to see if your home design is stable, but surely the architect will not change much and will do what he can to strengthen the plan while sticking to his design plan.

If you don’t know how to use 3D rendering software, you can still design your own home. Just make a sketch and send it to a 3D rendering professional. These professionals accept hand-drawn sketches, CAD plans, floor plans, and 2D drawings for reference. They can then interpret your ideas and present you with a rendered image.

Where to get your ideas

Before rendering, gather your design ideas for the home and every part of it, such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. Popular websites like Houzz and HouseBeautiful can be a great source of design inspiration. You can even start buying furniture. Just visit the furniture store website and copy the photos of the items you want to buy for your home. This way, you and your hired designer can see if they will fit perfectly in your home.

Professionals you can work with

Better yet, you can find architects and interior designers who can give you the option of viewing your work in 3D. Hire them to design your home so you can collaborate with the architect from the beginning of the design process. This ensures that your ideas are understood by the architect, interior designers, and all contractors you will work with to make your dream home come true.

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