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Google Cash Monster Reviews

Is Google Cash Monster a scam? This recently released Google site ranking software is developed by two seasoned internet marketing coaches, Jarrett Stevenson and Bobby Walker. Having had the opportunity to preview this product, I have been able to see most of the training videos which are of high quality and explain very clearly how to use the software program provided in the membership area.

1. What is the main method that the Google Cash Monster software is designed to benefit from?

The main strategy for generating profit with this system is to capitalize on popular product launches and use the site’s ranking system to rank for product keywords and get huge traffic from launch. In the initial stages of the course, Jarrett and Bobby go through all the accounts one has to set up in detail step by step before starting to promote a product launch. I also found that each step discussed is also demonstrated in the tutorial videos, which explains why most of the videos are quite long.

2. Does the Google Cash Monster Site Ranking Software System Really Work?

From my own experience speaking with the alumni and beta testers of this program, the overall response has been very positive. But, like any legitimate online business opportunity, Google Cash Monster requires time and effort on the part of the user and is not a kind of “push a button” system and generate money automatically. Personally, I would like to see more proof of the results of this software on the main website.

3. How does the Google Cash Monster system get traffic and what kind of prior knowledge and skills do you need to have?

From the title of this product, you can probably already tell that this software gets organic traffic only from search engines, that is, from the world’s largest search engine, Google. As a result, you can expect all traffic to be free. The key strategy is learning how to target specific keywords before product launch, so it would be an added bonus if you already have an idea of ​​how the search engine ranks sites and the criteria they follow to do so. .

In total, there are 17 PDF files along with the tutorial videos that are transcripts of the videos and also audio files of the videos, teaching all the required skills without requiring prior experience in either HTML, PHP, WordPress or CSS.

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