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High Intensity Bodyweight Dumbbell Superset Training

Assuming you only have a couple of dumbbells, what exercises can you do to get a full body workout? You can do tons of exercises and combine them with bodyweight movements for great results. Let’s go over the exercises first, then I’ll introduce you to the workout:


Dumbbell push-up row – This is a chest and back exercise. Grab two dumbbells and assume the push-up position. And then do a push up. Raise your back and then raise one hand to your armpits. Make sure your back is straight. Try to stabilize the body. Go back and repeat. Then do another repetition with the second hand. Combine it with a lower body pushup.


Dumbbell Front Squat – See Saw Press – this is for the lower body and shoulders. Clean a pair of shoulder-length dumbbells. Then squat down keeping your back straight. Keep your chest out with your abs tight. Stand up and press the dumbbell overhead with your other hand bent slightly on the opposite side. Go back and repeat. Combine it with the exercise above for maximum benefit.


Dumbbell Close Grip Floor Press – Lie down on the floor, backwards. Place a pair of dumbbells close to your chest. Place the dumbbells close to each other and press them over your head keeping them connected.


Body weight above and below pull-ups – take a pull-up bar with mixed grip. Place your palms, each facing the opposite direction. Pull up until your chin goes over the bar. After half of the adjustment, change the grips.


Bodyweight Knuckle Thrust – These are regular push-ups, done on the knuckles. Clench your fists and place them on the floor and perform push-ups. Try on a softer surface first, so your knuckles don’t hurt. Good for triceps and chest too.


Bodyweight pull-ups – perform a pull up with a grip such that both palms are facing you. Pull up until your chin clears and repeat. Good for the biceps too.


Sit-ups with dumbbells – get into a crunch position and hold one or two dumbbells directly in front of you and above your head. Perform crunches keeping the dumbbells in the same position.


Bodyweight Burpees Plus – squat down and put your hands in front. Kick your legs so that you are in a push-up position. Then make a position. Pull back into a squat position. Jump to the sky. Immediately drop into a squat position when your feet hit the ground. Repeat.


A superset is where you pair two exercises and perform them back-to-back with little to no rest between each set.

For the following pairs, perform sets of each exercise, followed by 30 seconds of rest between each pair.

Rest 1 minute, then move on to the next superset:

Superset #1:

  • Dumbbell push-up row, 3×10
  • Dumbbell front squat, 3×10
  • rest 30 seconds

rest 60 seconds

Superset #2:

  • Close-grip dumbbell floor press, 3×10
  • Over and under bodyweight pull-ups, 3×5
  • rest 30 seconds

rest 60 seconds

Superset #3:

  • Bodyweight knuckle curl, 3×5
  • Bodyweight pull-ups, 3×3
  • rest 30 seconds

rest 60 seconds

Superset #4:

  • Dumbbell Crunches, 3×10
  • Bodyweight Burpees Plus, 3×10
  • rest 30 seconds

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