How to find a 30 year old girlfriend: 5 steps to follow

All right, you’ve hit your 30s, right? Maybe you’re fast approaching 40 and want to know how to find a girlfriend in your 30s.

I have good news for you. Not only is it possible, but you are likely to increase your chances of doing so by following the 5 tips below that most men overlook. 90% of men in the world do not follow this advice, based on what I heard on the women dating radio show that I am a co-host.

ONE: Understand what kind of woman you MUST be looking for

Many men wander from an attractive woman to an attractive woman without knowing what the person inside is like. If you are in your 30s looking for love, chances are you’ve had one or more experiences with a serious relationship. He might even have been married before. Most men in their 30s have these things in the past, but they don’t understand that the reason things blew up is that they didn’t treat the right girl well (more on this later) or they chose the wrong woman for get started (which happens a lot).

You should look for a woman with a flexible personality who is giving and who is self-sufficient. Structured or headstrong women with self-esteem issues and excess baggage may be a thing of the past for you if you follow my advice, because all women EXCEPT the self-reliant type do not respond well to the advice I give in this article. (especially mystery and challenge, discussed later).

Many men overestimate their appearance and do not look inside. Women who are simply “pretty” physically can become beautiful to you if they have a great personality. On the other hand, women who look like magazine models can become “ugly” if they are mercenary or structured.

TWO: It’s about YOUR level of interest

Nobody talks about the level of interest of women! How does she feel about you? Most men are attracted to a woman and LOAD because the male ego falsely tells you “if I like her, she must like her too.”

Men have to learn NOT to rush into rejection. You have to constantly monitor whether she likes you or not. Does he laugh at your jokes? Is it easy to get a date with her? Do you feel like the absolute center of the action when dating her? You should constantly look for signs that their interest level is increasing or decreasing because they are a STRANGER to each other until they are 2 months or 10 dates.

Yes, you heard right. You two are STRANGE until you hit the 2 month or 10 date mark. It always amazes me when guys call our show or write emails saying they “know the girl” even though they have only had 3 dates with her.

You need TIME with a woman, but unfortunately, most men HURRY TO REJECT.

THREE: Treat the Right Girl Right

Many men can make women fall in love. I bet you’ve had women in love with you before. Did they fall in love? Many guys “chill and switch” once the relationship is secured. The same fun boy who took her dancing and interesting weekend destinations now plays poker with the boys on their old date nights and asks her to serve sandwiches to his friends.

Let me tell you. She is not your best friend or your loyal dog. Your best friend and loyal dog will forgive you for times when you don’t treat them the way you should.

Your lady, on the other hand, will lower her interest level until you are OUT.

Another thing guys do is start convincing their mom or the psychiatrist as they get more serious with her. We’ll talk about this in the next tip, but women like something light and fun. I know there will be serious issues as you get into a more meaningful relationship, but there is no reason why you have to be serious all the time. Work on the serious stuff and move on.

Remember, she likes light and fun. Guys who make their mom or the psychiatrist put her in a position she doesn’t want to be in, plus she can’t perceive you as a man to be in love with if you continually complain to her.

FOUR: The light and funny gentleman is what she wants.

What do most women want from relationships? They want to laugh. They want to have a fun time on a date or when they are around you. They also want a REAL MAN who isn’t afraid to say no to them if he thinks he’s right.

Knights are also a mystery and a challenge for women. They don’t talk about going out on another date when they are with her, they don’t give excessive compliments, they don’t give gifts as an attempt to buy his affection, and she continually wonders (in the early stages) if he’s seeing other women.

The gentleman has the attitude of “I don’t need you, you need me” with women that shows in his actions and reactions towards her.

FIVE – Keep in mind that dating is like sales and you should only be looking for your “hot” leads

Of all the women he talks to, only a few will be long-term candidates. You have to kiss a lot of frogs, so to speak. We tell the guys on the show all the time that “women help you when they like you.”

This would seem obvious, but for many guys it is not.

I can’t tell you how many guys I see handing out business cards or continually asking a woman for a date after they’ve been rejected.

Just walk up to the lady you want as a gentleman and ask her for the number after establishing a little relationship. If you get anything other than the digits right away, walk away and go to the next wire.

If you get her number then you have another 2 months or 10 dates to determine if YOU want HER to be YOUR girlfriend.

If you are wondering how to find a girlfriend in your 30s, then those 5 tips should definitely help you.

Remember guys, you need to find the right one and then treat her right!

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