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How to Kill Murmur – The Final Boss in Shadow Labyrinth – World Of Warcraft

This essay will explain how to kill Murmur; the final boss in Shadow Labyrinth. If you follow the strategy outlined below, you will find it to be a fairly easy encounter.

For those who are only working on tuning Karazhan, they don’t need to kill Murmur to acquire the quest item. Just move left along the wall and you can reach the shard without having to activate Murmur. Make sure all party members are close before summoning the elite. If a player is too far away, they won’t be able to loot the mission item and that can be extremely frustrating as that player will have to complete the entire instance again.

Before participating in Murmur, everyone should know the special abilities of this boss. They are as follows:

Sonic boom. This is an AOE attack that takes a few seconds to launch. If you have the option “See the target spell casting bar” enabled in your interface settings, you will see when this spell begins to cast and that should give you enough time to get away from it and avoid taking damage. If you get hit with Sonic Boom, it will deal damage equivalent to approx. 75% of your maximum health and will reduce your movement speed by 90%.

Whisper touch. This is a handicap that is placed on only one party member at random. After ten seconds, it will explode and throw the affected player into the air. Everyone within the blast radius will be silenced for a few seconds and will take approx. 4000 points of damage. Touch of Murmur is unavoidable. It is better for the affected player to immediately move away from the group or just place everyone so that they do not affect any other players if they get the debuff.

Resonance. Murmur will resonate if you fail to keep at least one player within close combat range. If it throws resonance, it is a rag. The debuff causes natural damage and increases the natural damage taken.

Party positioning

Its healer must be alone and positioned to the left or right of Murmur. The tank will be placed directly in front of Murmur. Ranged DPS must be placed on the opposite side of their Healer. Melee DPS should be behind Murmur throughout the fight. It is very important that the area directly in front of Murmur is left open. Only your tank should be standing there and no one should be behind the tank. The reasoning behind these positions will become clear in a moment.

Step by step to attract Murmur

1. Your tank activates Murmur where it is. By the way, Murmur is fixed in his position. He will not move during the entire fight.

2. By the time your tank activates Murmur, the rest of the party should start DPS. No need to wait for aggro to set.

3. When Murmur begins to launch Sonic Boom, your melee DPS (which is placed directly behind Murmur), must run forward and do everything possible to avoid being hit by him. Your tank should not move and will need to be healed with each Sonic Boom.

4. Depending on your player class, when you get Whisper Touch, do the following:

If you tank receives Whisper Touch, must not move. Your healer should heal your tank through it. However, all other melee DPS will need to run directly into the area in front of Murmur and away from the tank to avoid taking damage.

If you curator receives Whisper Touch, it should continue to heal the tank and stay where it is standing. If your healer is in the right position on her own, it shouldn’t affect other party members. She will need to heal herself after the explosion.

Yes Ranged DPS gets Whisper Touch, they need to keep shooting / casting spells. They must keep their DPS at maximum at all times. Don’t run, it won’t do you any good. It is more important that you continue with DPS. After the explosion, they will need to bandage themselves and / or take health potions. If they are positioned correctly, they should not harm anyone else.

Yes Melee DPS gains Whisper’s Touch, they must immediately rush to the cleared area in front of Murmur. If they are not fast enough, they will finish off your group by killing the tank.

If you follow the strategy above, Murmur is a very easy kill. The less melee DPS you have at the party, the easier it will be because no one has to move when they receive Whisper Touch, and the overall DPS will be constant throughout the fight.

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