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Hydro-Fit Hand Buoy Training

And more advanced aquatic fitness enthusiasts will love how hand buoys challenge your entire body and cardiovascular system. If you are interested in starting a training program with the Hydro-Fit hand buoys, please see the step-by-step guide and exercises below.


Use Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys to warm up for your cardio and strength training routine. Begin with a knee-high jog. In deep water, hold a hand buoy with both hands in front of your body at the surface of the water. Quickly bring one knee to the buoy and return it to the ground. Do the same with the other knee and repeat alternating legs for one minute. For a slightly more advanced move, speed up the warm-up set by performing a knee-high jog with the buoy held underwater by your side for added resistance and stability.


Hand buoys are great for getting your heart rate up and burning unwanted fat and extra inches. A good example of cardiovascular exercise is the Tuck Jump. Place a Hydro-Fit hand buoy between your legs in chest-deep water. Once your lower half is stabilized underwater, jump up and bring your knees up to your chest as you would in a tuck jump. Hold the spot for a second, and then bring your feet back to the bottom of the pool. Or try doing Butt Kicks in the water while rotating the buoy around your waist. In waist-deep water, kick your legs back in a jogging motion and kick up and back as if you’re trying to kick your butt. While working your lower body, hold the hand buoy at the surface and rotate it around your waist for a full-body cardio workout.


The toning exercise options with the Hydro-Fit hand buoys seem endless. To easily tone your core, stand in chest-deep water, dip a hand buoy under the water, and hold it at your belly button. From here, move from side to side to really work your inner and outer abs. Work your legs by performing a Mogul Ski exercise. Tuck a buoy between your legs and stand in chest-deep water. While holding the buoy, jump from one side to the other, just like a ski tycoon. This will help tone and shape your lower body muscles. And of course, hand buoys are great for strengthening your upper body. Try to find various ways to push and pull the buoy while it is submerged. Your natural buoyancy will continuously work against your arm, shoulder, back and chest muscles to produce a great upper body workout.


Flexibility exercises can be done at the end of your workout to help you stretch and lengthen your muscles. Try to pass the hand buoy behind your back, changing it from hand to hand. Or see if you can submerge the buoy deep enough to pass between your legs, from hand to hand, in a 8-move fashion. Both exercises will help you improve your overall flexibility and allow you to cool down after a hard session in the pool.

As you can see, there are several ways to get cardio and strength training with the simple Hydro-Fit hand buoys. Follow any of the exercises above, or create your own creative ways to train. You really can’t go wrong with these versatile training tools!

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