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Is Pruvit the best weight loss program?

Pruvit, is a dietary supplement manufactured and distributed exclusively through network marketing, by KetoOS. The product claims to be a new, science-based way of producing ketones in the body, which are believed to aid in the healthy loss of excess weight. The product can be purchased in a variety of sizes and prices, including a caffeine-free version: thirty “to go” servings, in a package that costs $ 160. It is also available in a canister form for $ 144. You will be offered a lowest price if you sign up with monthly autoship, with thirty “on the go” servings at $ 144 and the container at $ 133. The best deal would seem to be the VIP package, which gives you 30 servings in a pot and 45 “for carry “for a total of $ 350.

How does it work?

The goal of Pruvit products is to initiate the process of ketosis within your body by using ketones derived from external sources (from the body), rather than having to attempt to reach that state yourself by consuming a very low carbohydrate diet . Pruvit comes in the form of a drink mix so it can be easily mixed with water.

Pruvit Keto-OS ingredients

Although the amounts of the various ingredients in Pruvit are not readily available, their website lists the key active ingredient as Beta Hydroxybutyrate, a substance produced by the body and classified as a ketone body. This substance is produced naturally by the body during ketosis. The premise is that by consuming it directly, your body will go into ketosis more easily and reap the benefits. Putting the body in a continuous state of ketosis can be dangerous, for a considerable period of time, because ketone bodies are acidic and can cause a condition called ketoacidosis. But so far, no side effects of the product have been documented. Pruvit also contains vitamins and minerals, Stevia powder, and caffeine, in some versions. The exact amount of these ingredients is not included. Their website describes some studies on the benefits of ketosis. There is currently no clear research on this product.


  1. Pruvit comes in a variety of sizes.
  2. Drink mixes are generally easy to drink.
  3. Automatic shipments can be a convenient option.
  4. Stevia is a natural sweetener.
  5. The caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions are the same price.
  6. It comes with a 90 day money back policy.


  1. The product is quite expensive.
  2. Currently no clinical research is provided regarding the product formulation.

Key features

This product aims to keep the body in a state of ketosis to stimulate weight loss without having to eat a low carb diet.

The manufacturers recommend that it be taken in conjunction with a low-carbohydrate diet.

Pruvit side effects

To date, no side effects of this product have been documented, when used correctly. Manufacturers recommend that you see your doctor if you have a history of kidney stones or sensitivity to salts.


Manufacturers recommend starting Pruvit, aiming to take one “serving” three times a day.


Pruvit appears to be based on some clinically supported physiology. It comes in various sizes. They have a good money back guarantee. However, there are no clinical studies citing its specific formula. Its price is quite high.

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