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Kitchen stools: how high is it?

Kitchen countertop stools used to be standard height. Now kitchen counters come in different heights. Bar counter and stool companies are trying to accommodate counter heights other than standard. Your job is to decide how high your kitchen stools should be.

The standard height that all bar stools used to be was 30 inches tall. In the past, this was a good height for most kitchens and most people. With the seat 30 inches off the floor, most people were comfortable.

The location of the foot rail should be comfortable

One aspect of the comfort of the counter stool is where the handrail is located. In most of them, it is about half way from the ground to the seat. When the person is within the average height range and the kitchen counter is at a height of approximately 40 inches to 44 inches, the midway rail is quite comfortable. It prevents the person from having to reach the ground with their feet, or from feeling tight when trying to keep their feet on a handrail that is too high.

The height of the seat should be compared to the height of the worktop. If you are a medium-sized person, you need between 8 and 10 inches between them to fit your thighs loosely. A seat height of 30 inches and a counter height of 40 to 44 inches allows it.

You can see that a 44-inch counter height would give more headroom for people who are slightly larger. There is also the problem of taller people. They often need higher stools. They need a higher railing to comfortably rest their feet. Otherwise, they are forced to reach out and put their feet on the floor from the height of the stool.

34-inch counter stools are more comfortable

Builders are now looking for counter heights of 45 inches or more. At these heights, the 30-inch pieces are simply too short for most people. They put people with their faces too close to their plates if they are eating and too close to their drinks if they are drinking. It can make people feel like children again.

To accommodate this change, bar stool manufacturers are now making bar stools that have 34-inch high seats. These stools allow people to sit comfortably, at the right distance from their food and drink. The 34-inch high stools offer foot rails that are just the right height to relax your feet.

Adjustable and custom-made counter stools

Another option on kitchen seating is adjustable counter stools. These stools can be changed to fit a tall person or a child. You can adjust the height to allow room for your thighs if the standard height is not sufficient. They are also useful when chairs are used for different purposes, such as doing homework.

When ordering custom-made kitchen stools, it’s best to order just one to start. When you get it, try it on for a while and make sure it fits everyone in height. If so, you are ready to order your complete set of stools.

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