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Music: inspiration to overcome difficult times

Living in the moment has never been truer than today. As we are bombarded with daily reports of bankrupt industries and job losses, many now face the very real effects of life-changing challenges from every angle. It is no longer just something we read about, we are living it. With recent statistics putting the unemployment rate at 8.1%, can anyone working today say that they are enjoying the glow of security? There is uncertainty and discomfort for the worker who still has a job as well as for the person who recently lost his.

It is in seemingly insurmountable times and times of need when we consciously or unconsciously seek inspiration, something that encourages us while living in a situation that we cannot easily walk away from and helps us deal with problems that we cannot easily solve.

People have turned to music for inspiration during some of the toughest periods in the country’s history. Immersing our thoughts and problems in our favorite songs, even for a brief period, can inspire us beyond the moment of what is and where we are, to where we can be because of who we are. Music can affect our perspectives and attitudes. Music can help us deal with our struggles, taking on value far beyond something on the radio that simply helps us pass the time.

Even in times of economic and social crisis, people have continued to embrace their love of entertainment. From the popularity of matinees during the Depression years, to the familiarity of televisions broadcasting images of an ideal home life in living rooms during the social upheavals of the 1960s, we have come to rely on the power of entertainment. to transport us to a time. or a place far removed from the realities of our life. Entertainment helps us briefly escape stressful situations, allowing a break from the source of our worries.

Music is even more powerful in its ability to multitask. The sound of a lulling string section can set the tone, create suspense and, with a final swing of bows, signal the final scene of a romantic movie. The right combination of music and words can promote a sense of purpose. Adding music to a 19th-century poem by Francis Scott Key helped generations of the American public memorize the story of a battle and a flag that was still there. The Star Spangled Banner eventually became as symbolic as the American flag, and in 1931 it was awarded the title of National Anthem.

Is there a song that cheers you up or got you out of a bad mood? Discovering the inspiring quality of a song is like realizing what a particular painting means to you, what makes it special. Make mental use of a song that is special to you. The songs are witty lessons that can inspire self-love and hope like ‘Greatest Love of All’ by Michael Masser and Linda Creed performed by Whitney Houston, or help someone identify with a reluctant hero trying to figure things out like ‘Learning To Fly ‘by Tom Petty. , ‘or empowering through the claims of a betrayed woman as Beyonce performs in Ne-Yo’s song’ Irreplaceable ‘. When we identify with the lyrics of a song, or get emotional to tears while listening to a Beethoven symphony, we have connected emotionally, sometimes spiritually, with the music because it gets to the core of who we are in a very intimate way. Music can help us resolve where there was confusion and anger before, or help bring people together under a common belief where there was division before.

Just as Enya’s’ Only Time ‘captured the essence of the country’s pain in 2001, John Rich’s song’ Shuttin ‘Down Detroit’ expresses the nation’s current anger and disappointment and also tells our story as individuals, inspiring us to come together. to resolve the crisis we face, inspiring us along the way reminding us that we are much more than we are at this moment.

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