Music Review – Quick Change World, by Ric Ocasek

Ric Ocaseks Quick Change World (1993) is some of his best music. That’s a very significant statement, because Ric Ocasek has created a lot of music in his life, most of it great. This CD is a perfect example of dedicated musical talent, defined by the artist’s apparent and real need to create, whether to popular acclaim or not. I have always been amazed at the quality of Ric’s solo work and the relative lack of airplay he found. Much of the music from the band The Cars is still being played, and the fact that Ric Ocasek’s solo work has received somewhat little attention made me realize many things, one of which is this: the Radio leaves a lot to be desired, and always has. One more reason to love the Internet.

So. As far as Mr. Ocasek is concerned, music just happens, and not only does this process continue, but Rics’ music grows as well, continually getting better and better. Unlike many older musicians trying to make a comeback, it can be said without a doubt that Ric Ocasek never left us, and for those lucky enough to be aware of this fact, I say run, don’t walk, and get Quick Change World! soon as possible. as possible. I’d be surprised if he hasn’t already.

It’s great to be a fan of Ric Ocasek, because he never lets us down.

Much if not all of the music in the group The Cars was actually the sound of Ric Ocasek, thus many new listeners to much of Ric’s solo work find the two to be indistinguishable and of course can be forgiven. . Quick Change World sounds a lot like a new Cars album to first-time listeners, and several people I’ve discussed the CD with agree, with the one exception that the compositions are even more fleshed out than the music on The Cars. , if such a thing is possible. Unlike certain marked outings that took place on CD like Beatitude and several other of his solo works, QCW appears to be a quintessential refinement and development on the characteristic and characteristic music of this most talented character, Ric Ocasek.

From Riding Shotgun (My Favorite), with his always distinctive voice and more developed musical sounds (The guitar work rips), to the impressive Hopped Up (car car car got a red red car… take it out on the street, take it to the stars… I’m a real live cable), the Quick Change World CD is eminently listenable and not to be missed.

1. “The Big Picture”

2. “Don’t let go”

3. “Hard Times”

4. “A Little Closer”

5. “Riding Shotgun”

6. “The feeling has to stay”

7. “She’s On”

8. “I still believe”

9. “Come Alive”

10. “Rapid Changing World”

11. “What’s on TV”

12. “Jumped”

13. “Help Me Find America”

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