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Our top 10 Big Brother villains of all time

What’s a Big Brother house without a villain? While some entered the house to play an honest game, others came to wreak havoc and cause as much damage as possible. They lied, intimidated and manipulated the guests and we loved to hate them and we hate to love them.

Here’s our list of the 10 most villainous contestants to ever make it into the Big Brother House:

10. Eric Littman from season 6

Known as Cappy, this Boston firefighter challenged most of the household with the exception of Ivette, who teamed up with him for some reason. She was only there for three weeks, but in that time, she had to avoid fighting Michael, who she thought had insulted her family. Michael subsequently called Eric a “midget”, which further infuriated him.

9. Shannon Dragoo from season 2

You might not expect an old calendar model to be that disgusting, but scrubbing the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush is pretty … disgusting. Maybe it was just his current ship captain persona taking over. Though malicious and arrogant, she wooed Dr. Will, who made her part of his evil Chilltown alliance. Shannon was also evicted in the third week.

8. Joe Barber from season 8

Ah, what’s better than a gay best friend who can’t keep his mouth shut? He even let us know that his roommate Dustin gave him gonorrhea. Some things should be kept secret, Joe. Thank goodness he was evicted in the second week before he told us more things we didn’t want to know!

7. Maggie Ausburn from season 6

A nurse as a villain? Yes, Maggie was the leader of The Friendship alliance and she got her followers to do all the dirty work leaving little blood on her hands. So little that she ended up winning Season 6, which ranks her higher than her secret partner Cappy.

6. Scott Long from season 5 and Jase Wirey from season 5 and 7 (All-Stars)

What’s worse than a villain? Two villains teamed up. As part of the Four Horsemen alliance, Jase became the first receiver of the famous “back door” move on the 42nd. His bromance partner Scott did not last as long as he was evicted on the 35th. In the All-Stars season , Jase returned and was the center of a controversial outburst in the backyard when he feared being traversed through the back door again. His fear was justified as he was nominated as a replacement and ended up leaving in week three.

5. Joshuah Welch from season 9

Joshuah was an attention whore who expected to be as evil as Evel Dick, but failed. He railed, ranted, intimidated people and left the house on the 56th.

4. Alison Irwin from seasons 4 and 7 (All-Stars)

A pageant queen who played a mean and crafty game that included flirting and backstabbing, Alison made her way to the top 2. However, she forgot that the jury voted for the winner and she was so hated that he only got one vote. When she appeared on All-Stars, the guests apparently still did not forgive her for her ways because she was the first to be eliminated.

3. Will Kirby from seasons 2 and 7 (All-Stars)

The evil Dr. Will was as beautiful as he was ruthless. As the front man of Chilltown, Dr. Will charmed and lied to get the season 2 win. But he lost his shine in the All-Stars season, which is fine because his partner in crime Mike Boogie won that season.

2. Mike “Boogie: Malin from seasons 2 and 7 (All-Stars)

Speaking of Mike Boogie, he’s ranked # 2 for having a good boy personality that was eventually overshadowed by his true evil (did you learn that from Dr. Will?) When he called his showmance with Erika a “ho-mance.” “And he still won after that comment!

1. “Evel” Dick Donato from season 8

Tattooed? Check. Rock-n-roll bartender? Check. Strange Charmisa? Check. Bad from start to finish? Check. Evel Dick certainly earned his nickname while spitting and spitting his way through the house, especially with inflammatory comments against female guests, and then punching his own daughter for the win. And yet we and his fellow guests still love him in the end.

With the help of these ten villains, Big Brother’s house will never be one of peace and quiet again. There will always be players who are going to lie and plan to try to get to the end, but that makes for an interesting reality TV.

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