Travel and holiday guide for Fiji

Sightseeing Nadi, Fiji’s third largest center, on the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful tropical paradise, ideal for romantic honeymooners. There is much to see, such as the village of Navala, where the houses are built in the traditional way with woven bamboo walls and thatched roofs. The journey to the village can be quite […]


Traditional Rajasthani Dresses and Their Influence on Contemporary Fashion

Rajasthan has a rich and vibrant cultural heritage and its traditional dress embodies this vibrancy. The traditional outfits of Rajasthan men and women are not only fabulous but also fascinating. So it comes as no surprise that Rajasthani fabrics, prints, textiles, jewelery and fabrics have managed to influence contemporary fashion. The traditional clothing worn by […]

Health Fitness

How to reduce belly fat?

A fat belly is considered more risky than fat in other parts of the body. Studies show that belly fat leads to elevated blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and heart disease. Because of this, it can be said that waist circumference and fat distribution are more important than actual weight in predicting health risks. […]


mobile media marketing

Mobile media marketing achieved worldwide fame in the early 2000s, when the SMS or short message service system began to flourish in countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Since then, many companies have used the same marketing tactic that they had used in successful email marketing campaigns. They collected mobile phone numbers as if […]

Home Kitchen

What is Dark Emperador marble and how to remove water stains from dark marbles?

Since the beginning of civilization, natural stones have found their way into homes for use as pieces of art and elegance. Today, beautiful stones like Dark Emperador marble have become very popular. These beautiful stones not only signify beauty and elegance, but also substance. Emperador marble is available with different characteristics. These include Bursa Turkish […]