Power Networking for Basketball Coaches

I recently attended a Junior College game that featured two of the best teams in the Midwest. When the stands filled up, I noticed a dozen college coaches present. I’ll use this to explain how powerful your network can be and how it will grow exponentially. Your network is only as strong as you create […]

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My grandmother’s cookie jar

I found the prospect of becoming a grandmother daunting. I was younger than I thought a grandmother should be when I found out that I would become one myself. I admit it, it was not a role that I was emotionally willing to accept. I had been a young mother and I certainly hoped that […]

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Natural fertilizing power of limestone

Good soil must be maintained with more than tillage and irrigation methods. The soil must also have the proper acid level, a good pH balance, and sufficient nutrients in the soil to support long-term growth. The soil also benefits from having aeration and the ability to retain water. One of the simplest, most natural, and […]


Beware of Form 122: ‘Mutual Release’

Regardless, if you are a first time home buyer or a person who has chosen to invest or become an investor in real estate, you should read this first. Real estate agents can also benefit. A reminder that when a person makes an offer on a property, it is exactly that, “their offer”. As a […]

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Yoga in the Montessori classroom

“… The true purpose of the movement is much higher than to produce appetite or strengthen the lungs; it is to serve the ends of existence, the universal and spiritual economies of nature.” Maria Montessori, The Absorbing Mind Maria Montessori was not only an educator and psychologist, she was also a yogi, albeit Italian. The […]