Legal Law

Hooray for the Federal Rules of Evidence!

The Federal Rules of Evidence used in the federal courts of the United States and adopted by many states and the military are the codification of many years of common law rules of evidence. The development of modern rules of evidence has been a process of nothing more than putting old wine into new bottles. […]


Fun Things to Do in Kemah, TX on a Date Night

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dumb teenager or a slightly less dumb adult, planning a date night is exciting because it means you get to see that special someone who makes you smile from ear to ear. If you are in southeastern Texas near the Gulf Coast, then your planning is sure to include […]


Racing scan tips and advice

I have been scanning racetracks for almost 25 years. Long before programmable handheld scanners, my first scan setup consisted of a big old Bearcat 250 mobile scanner attached to a huge 12 volt flashlight battery. The whole setup must have weighed 10 pounds and I had to carry it in a big camera bag! I […]


Best Cyber ​​Security: Guide to Choosing the Right Cyber ​​Protection Needs for Your Home PC

While new PCs come with free trials of an antivirus suite, as well as built-in Windows security tools, these features and programs aren’t always the best. Many users feel the need to uninstall them more than they feel the need to upgrade to a paid version. What is the best computer security program? With so […]