Penis Girth – How To Add Inches To Increase The Girth Of Your Penis! Advanced Methods!

First of all, to everyone reading this article, size really does matter.! However, for most women, as long as you are above average in length (more than 6.25 inches), you can easily hit your G-spot. What women find most important is the girth of the penis! The girth of the penis determines the tightness of the “fit” and the more contact you have with all the pleasure cells in your vagina, the more likely you are to orgasm! So forget obsessing about the length of your penis and focus on the girth of your penis. If you have less than 5.5 inches around your penis, then you probably need to do some work to increase the girth of your penis.

Now that we’ve established that girth is more important, how do we increase the girth of the penis? Common options advertised are pills, pumps, devices, and surgery (yikes!). But the most EFFECTIVE option and by far the most economical are the natural exercises for the penis that are performed by hand. And with these, you can choose whether to focus on “length,” “perimeter,” or both.

The other methods are expensive (costing millions to thousands of dollars). They can also be extremely dangerous, as in the case of surgery where you literally sign a disclaimer, so if the surgery goes wrong, you get a deformed penis and you don’t get any of your money back! Sounds awful!

Penile girth exercises:

The Basic Jelq – The Jelq is the cornerstone of all methods to improve the girth of the penis. It is done with a “milking” motion on your penis. Your penis should be 70% erect. Then make an “OK” sign with your thumb and forefinger. Wrap it around the base of your penis firmly trapping the blood in your erection and rub upward. When you are at the base of the head, remove your hand and use the other hand starting at the base again. This is the basic penis girth exercise.

Advanced Jelq 1 – This is a variation of the Jelq to help you maximize the girth of the penis along the shaft and also get a bigger penis head. Use the “OK” grip at the base of your penis. Then take the other hand on top of the first hand, using the same “OK” grip. Move this hand up toward your head. When you get to the head, remove it and place it back on top of your other hand and rub upwards. There will be a lot of pressure increase, therefore growth in your penis from this INTENSE exercise. This exercise will explode the girth of your penis!

Uli- This is an advanced method that is simple to perform. Simply use the “OK” grip at the base of your erect (70% erect) penis and grip firmly. Hold this grip for 15 seconds while you watch your penis swell and glow. Rest 5 seconds and do about 10 repetitions. This exercise is extremely powerful and you only need those 10 repetitions to quickly increase the girth of your penis!

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