Should you rent or buy a domestic water cooler?

Do you want to have a water cooler in your home that gives you the opportunity to enjoy cool and fresh water when you are thirsty? Then there are two viable options for you: rent or buy.

Landlords tend to choose to rent. The service includes the delivery of bottles and sanitation of the equipment. But is renting really the smartest option from a financial point of view?

The rent is connected to a monthly charge. This fee also includes maintenance and some repairs. These additional services are considered a great convenience, which is why some people probably prefer to rent.

However, long-term decisions, especially those that incorporate lifestyle changes, favor the purchase of a water cooler for home use.

Buying a unit for your home is linked to numerous benefits including drinking more water and saving on buying bottled water at the local grocery store and also an overall healthy lifestyle mindset.

Purchase, maintenance and repairs

The rent comes with the added benefit of maintenance and repairs that are included in the monthly fee. But what are the benefits if you buy the home water cooler?

On the one hand, the supply company could provide proper installation and maintenance even after you buy the equipment, so you never get in a bind. Having a purchased water cooler also gives you more freedom in choosing sanitation and maintenance procedures.

The product is usually delivered with a complete installation guide. Additionally, today’s websites provide more than enough information on proper sanitation and maintenance. But if you have no interest in servicing yourself, you can always choose a qualified technician.

Get refill bottles

Most providers will also offer bottle refill services. In fact, most suppliers insist on supplying bottles so that the maintenance contract remains valid. However, home water cooler owners who have purchased outright can obtain their bottles from an alternative supplier, of their choice.

Anyway, all water coolers have universal connections, which means that the most common and popular brands of water bottles will be suitable for the equipment.

Additional tips:

Read the fine print

When choosing a bottle refill provider, look closely at the contract to make sure you are getting the best possible terms without a long-term commitment.

Find a local provider

Opting for a local company is always the best and most affordable option. Compare different options and find out if getting the bottles from the supplier is the most beneficial option.

Most providers provide additional services, which means you won’t have to worry about maintenance and sanitation and can only enjoy a constant supply of clean water in your home to complement a healthy lifestyle.

When deciding whether to rent or buy, you will have to think about the period of time in which you will need to use the part. But buying your own equipment will always be the best long-term investment for an owner.

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