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Six fundamental rules for success in social media marketing

You’ve heard everyone talk about how powerful social media is in marketing your business. How if you’re not using it to market your business, are you stuck in the 80s? So you go out and create a Face Book page, open a LinkedIn account, start tweeting on Twitter, build a Blog, and start searching YouTube. What are you doing now?

A friend tells you to post snippets about your business and to create a blog post about things you know (although you’re not sure what a blog is). You start sharing information on various sites at night and before you know it. Bam, you spend dozens of hours a week and you get nothing to show for your efforts. You tell yourself what a pain in the neck social media marketing is!

If you want to avoid the pain of spending too much time posting on social media sites and getting nothing in return, read on. I’ll show you a half dozen fundamental rules that you must follow to maintain your credibility. I’ll show you how to avoid the most common pit drops that beginners do, and help you make the most of the time you spend marketing on your social media sites.

Social networks are not advertising

First, remember that social media posts are not ads in the typical sense. You need to post what I call the cardinal 4 wanted articles! People are looking for useful information. They want interesting facts. Participants want to be entertained and want to connect with others! Posting information about your product / service should be a rarity. To be successful on social media, you need to provide participants with what they are looking for. If you want to advertise conventionally on social media sites, use their pay-per-click / view services. Their ads cost around $ 1 to $ 3 per click, otherwise they only serve the 4 cardinal elements.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Second, set aside a scheduled time to post your information and stick with it. It’s so easy to sit down, start posting your information, and before you know it, it’s three in the morning! I schedule my post twice a week and spend an hour each time. During the week, I collect useful information and links from my daily life. These include; email communications, my current events, new and old photos that I find, online articles that I read, RSS feeds that I use, Internet headlines that I like and just surf the net. I suggest you do the same. Use them as part of the 4 Cardinal Elements post I talked about earlier.

Be patient and stick with your growth plan

Third, don’t create false expectations for your results. Before your network can produce significant traffic, it needs to grow to a reasonable size. Having a total following of a couple hundred Facebook fans, LinkedIn contacts, and Twitter followers is great, but it’s not a large enough network to produce powerful results. Your social media influences (i.e. the power to make things happen) are directly related to the number of members in your network. Social networks have a viral quality. In this sense, it is a type of word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth depends on your credibility and the size of your network.

Save time using aggregator software

Fourth, you must take advantage of technology to save time. If you are not using aggregator software for your publication, start using one today. Aggregation programs allow you to post to multiple social media sites simultaneously. They also allow you to schedule posts for future dates. These programs can save you a lot of time and energy. Personally, I like the Tweet Deck and Hoot suite. Look them up on the web and you will see that they are free to use.

How big is big enough?

Fifth, if you are going to build a social network, you must have a goal. In my experience, real power is evident in about 1000 unique followers. I’m not saying that something smaller is useless. However, the actual movement, powerful results begin with your ability to influence over 1000 people.

If you focus your efforts on building your social network by providing your followers with what they are looking for (that is, the 4 cardinal elements), your network will grow at a slow but steady rate. If you want it to grow faster, give them what meets their needs more often. Post to your network every day if you have time. The more often and regularly you post, the better. The only other way to make it grow faster is to spend more time growing it or to pay someone else to spend more time growing it.

How much is this

Sixth, you must set financial limits. I know what you are saying. You are already spending too much time (and money) posting on social media sites. If you still find this too time consuming, hire a service to make your posts. They can be had for as little as $ 100 a week. It can also cost you $ 2000 a month if you want to grow big and fast at the same time.

If you have an organized method that you developed, you can hire a college student to get into your post for much less. As a marketer, I can generate eight to twenty new followers per day. You can do the same by following my advice.

If you follow these six rules, you will get a lot more out of your social media marketing efforts. Remember to post the 4 Cardinal Elements regularly. Create and stick to a schedule, even if you don’t finish, stop posting when your hour is up. Set goals and time and money limits for your spending. Use aggregation tools to be more efficient and above all be patient. You know the saying. Rome wasn’t built in a day, well that also applies to building your social network by word of mouth. That too will take some time. Follow your plan, and before you know it, you’re ready to start reaping rewards from your social media marketing campaign. That’s my opinion, I welcome yours!

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