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Stop Getting Sick: How To Avoid Getting Sick Ever Again!

Are you sick often and would like to know the best things you can do to stop getting sick all the time? If so, in this article I’ll provide 3 things to consider if you feel like you have a weakened immune system and can’t seem to keep colds and flu at bay. Use these 3 tips to naturally boost your immune system and never get sick again!

Take vitamin C: I am not talking about a small dose of 500-1500mg a day, I am talking about the accumulation of doses that have been shown to boost the immune system. You need to take at least 6,000-12,000 mg of vitamin C per day to notice a significant change in your health. Your body can only really absorb 4,000 mg at a time, but what you want to do is divide a 12,000 mg dose per day into 3-4 doses. Initially, you may develop some diarrhea, this is completely normal and will go away as you develop a bowel tolerance to vitamin C.

Clean parasites: A constant underlying health condition that exists in the majority of today’s population. Parasites steal nutrients from the food and supplements you take for their own use. In addition to this, they release toxic waste compounds in your body, so now your liver not only needs to detox against the waste in your own body, but it also needs to work twice as long to cleanse these by-products of parasite waste. Do yourself a favor and go for a 45-day parasite cleanse, make sure it is a deep cleanse that requires dietary changes to starve the parasites. Also choose one that uses the right fresh herbs that will be the most effective.

Clean Candida: All in all, the most important thing of all is to cleanse candida from your body, if you’re not familiar with what it is, it’s basically a yeast that lives in a semi-passive state in everyone’s body. However, when you take an antibiotic, a prescription drug, or one of many other things that can kill the beneficial bacteria in your body, this candida suddenly becomes aggressive and seems to take over your body. It starts to create immune system dysfunction right away so you can gain more control over your body without anything stopping you and it can wreak absolute havoc on a person, creating allergies, causing asthma, and mental and emotional disorders like difficulty concentrating and anxiety. depression.

The best solution for you is to take a candida test or a questionnaire that will determine whether or not you appear to be suffering from candida. So it’s a matter of making the right dietary changes and starting a protocol to eliminate the candida overgrowth from your body, as well as the factors that allowed it to start causing problems in the first place.

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