The best Christmas gifts for Glee fans

Glee, the hit music show from NBC and shown on Channel 4 in the UK, is a weekly treat for millions of fans, both young and old. This Christmas, many of your young loved ones will be asking for Glee-themed gifts. Some of the best Christmas gifts for tweens this year focus on Glee and are easy to find if you’re unfamiliar with the show. Here are some of the best Glee gift ideas for the 2010 holiday season.

On top of Christmas gifts for tweens who love the popular show is the board game Glee, which costs around £ 20. Like a Glee-themed charade game, teams can act, sing or dance in an effort to help your teammates guess which person is on your card. This game is from Cardinal Games and is sure to be a hit at any game night or family party. Other great Glee gift ideas include the season one DVD box, soundtracks, and even a wall calendar.

The Glee Season One box lets the fan in your life relive every episode from 2009 and also includes deleted scenes, cast video diaries, and much more. The soundtracks, including a special Glee Christmas album, are perfect for those who love to sing through each episode. Finally, the Glee-themed calendar has 12 brilliant photos of all the favorite characters from the show. A great gift for the whole family to come together and sing along to the classics that the television show made popular is the Glee Karaoke game for the Nintendo Wii. Each of you will feel part of the musical cast in your own living room!

Buying Christmas gifts for tweens isn’t always easy, but these Glee ideas are sure to impress. There are ideas for all budgets, big or small, and whatever you choose in the end will be a huge hit with the tweens fan on your list for Christmas 2010.

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