The best sexual positions that focus on your pleasure

All women love the closeness and intimacy that comes with sex in a relationship. Here we see the best sexual positions that focus on your pleasure.

1. Missionary sex

Like coming home, always in fashion and like the perfect hand wearing the perfect glove. Everyone will always do missionary. For the woman who loves to be penetrated with the added romantic connection of skin-to-skin touch, with the ability to kiss, caress and move together. Let her man dominate in these sensual couple making love positions controlling the pace and depth as he thrusts his hips up to match hers causing friction and the onset of orgasm. Squeezing and contracting your vaginal muscles in this position is also a big plus for your partner.

2. Position of the starfish

A variation of missionary where the man spreads his legs like a starfish and the woman closes hers to allow for additional vaginal tension and better clitoral stimulation. Other variations include the woman wrapping her legs around her partner’s waist, or over her shoulders, which can be aided by a pillow under her buttocks, allowing for deeper penetration. If you can’t orgasm from this position alone, try different variations that will allow your partner to touch your clitoris directly while she thrusts.

3. Figure Eight

This is a hot and sensual variant of missionary and one of the best couples making love! As he lies back with his legs half bent and spread, his partner stands at a higher angle than an ordinary missionary with her hands by his head. Relax and let the incredible feeling wash over you as you do slow, sexy circles or figure eights. You’ll be taken to another level as this dreamy move stimulates your entire vagina and his pubic bone gently rubs against your clit. As he maintains this enticing motion and also gives you sensual kisses, your body will shudder with an all-encompassing full-body climax.

4. The love seat

So 60’s, so sensual and intimate with a difference. This position is perfect on a big bean bag chair while watching a sexy movie. Here you are in command. Slowly move your rear end up and down at a pace you decide on. Both of you can add a light sensual touch, rubbing your back and buttocks and you reaching down to play with his balls.

5. The routine of facing forward

Once of the most intimate, beautiful couples making love positions. She sits on her stomach with her legs wrapped around her waist while he also sits cross-legged. The appeal of this upright position is that it allows you to kiss and touch your face sensually for a long time while looking directly into each other’s eyes. He grinds gently and enjoys a smoother, more loving sexual experience.

6. Above the bent knee

Kneel facing each other with you placing one leg on your thigh. Then let the arousal begin as you rock back and forth as her breasts jiggle and brush against her chest. You will love it for the close face-to-face contact. Give him long kisses and tickle his balls for added pleasure.

Couples doing love positions

7. Cradle Sex Position

This position has so many advantages. Have your partner kneel in front of you. Facing him, place your legs on either side of his hips. Lower yourself onto his penis, then lean back placing your hands behind you. This position offers great visuals for him with your beautiful body stretched back in front of him, and the extra ego boost of seeing his manhood slip in and out of you. He can also lean forward to lick and tease his nipples or force a deeper thrust with his hands grabbing his buttocks. Start by sitting on him upright with your arms around him for balance. Look into his eyes and rub his manhood up and down all over your vagina to warm you up. Then, when you can’t take it anymore, bring him inside and let him take over while you lie back.

8. Butterfly position

Relax and soar like a butterfly in this low-maintenance position for you. Lie on the edge of the bed with your partner standing in front of you with their legs over your shoulder at about a 45-degree angle. From here, you can lie back comfortably while he lifts his hips up to his buttocks for the optimal angle of thrust. If penetration alone doesn’t work for you in butterfly position, it can also stimulate your clitoris or anus to climax.

9. Sex Position Scissors

This position will certainly lead to a whirlwind for both of you. Lie on the edge of your bed or table with your man standing in front of you holding your legs. As he goes in and out, he alternates opening his legs to closing them and crossing them again. Your vagina will be saturated with sensations, from deep penetration to a snug fit and the possibility of undulating orgasms.

10. 69 sex position

69 is one of the most popular positions for making love. It’s excellent for sumptuous mutual sucking. Suck, twist, or move slightly back and forth. Change of his penis, to balls or anus. And for those high achievers, with practice, they can even reach simultaneous orgasm.

11. Side Sex Position 69

Another one of those hot and tempting lovemaking positions, side 69 allows for different angels for optimal suction on each genital area while giving your neck a break from normal 69. , eagerly tugging at each other as they move in a sensual rhythm.

12. Sex Position Spoons

The spooning sex position is good if you’re feeling a bit lazy. Lie on your side with your hand resting on your head, the mattress of the bed will help with the rocking motion of him pushing you back and forth. Not much work is required of you at all. But if you want extra stimulation, have you or your partner rub your clitoris.

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