The pet monkey ad

No ten-year-old boy in the late 1950s collected more comics than Ronny Chimp. The truth is, when he bought a comic with his allowance money, Ronny had little interest in comic book stories. I just wanted to find the advertising section that was showing a lot of ads selling pranks, pranks, and magic tricks. Ronny owned almost everyone and pranked his friends at school. But in the last issue, Ronny’s interest piqued when he found a new ad for a little pet monkey:

“Dear squirrel monkey” who “is a lovable pet and companion. Almost human with warm eyes, your family will love it. These young monkeys will grow to about 12 inches tall. He eats the same as you, he even likes lollipops: easy to care for and train. Guaranteed live delivery. Only $ 18.95. Check by mail or money order for: Farm. Dept K26, Box 1042, Miami Beach 39, Florida “.

Ronny ran to tell his mother and showed her the ad.

“Oh, don’t fall for more cheesy jokes” her mother warned.

“But mom, it can’t be a joke. It could be a pet!”

Ronny looked sad, then lowered his head, walked slowly back to his room, and slammed the door. Several minutes later, he knocked softly and quietly opened the door. Ronny was pouting on his bed. He sat next to her and said, “Okay. We’ll ask your dad when he gets back from work tonight.”

Ronny got to his feet and ran across his room. “Wait. Ronny! Don’t be so happy right now. Your father might say ‘No’.”

When his father came home several hours later, Ronny ran up to him and showed him the ad. “Can I have a monkey please?” His father examined the ad while Ronny anxiously awaited the verdict.

“What the hell would you do with a little monkey? … How about a dog or a cat?”

“I want a monkey! Please, Dad … Please?”

“I’ll have to think about this. If you still want this jumpsuit in 10 days, I’ll consider buying it from you. But please think about it before that.”


Sure he would still want it in 10 days, Ronny ran around the house, then to his bedroom where he finally relaxed and fell asleep. The next day at school, he told his friends that he was going to buy a jumpsuit. They all laughed at him because they had seen the same ad but thought it was a scam. Others remembered all the practical jokes that Ronny bought in the comic book ads, and they bet he would get the little monkey.

Regardless, Ronny counted the days until his father agreed to write a check for $ 18.95.

“Are you sure this is what you want, son?”

“You can bet!”

“Well, let me have the ad and I’ll mail you a check. But I want you to promise that you’ll take care of it alone!”

“I will, Dad! I will.”

Ronny’s father mailed the order. A week passed, then two weeks. Ronny got worried after six months had passed. The years came and went and there was still no monkey. Ronny just forgot what he could have had. Meanwhile, life went on for Ronny. He went to high school, graduated from college, got married, and had children. “Ronny” became “Ronald”. His parents lived in a retirement home, while he and his family lived in the same house that he grew up in.

On a Saturday in 1982, Ronny was playing ball with his 12-year-old son Tyler when a UPS truck pulled up in front of his old home. The UPS driver approached Ronny and said, “I have a delivery for Ronny Chimp.”

“That’s me, but no one has called me ‘Ronny’ in many years. People call me ‘Ronald.’ The driver told him he had a special delivery from NASA.


The driver looked at the back of his seat and a little sound like “Eeeekk! .. Eeeek!” came from the box.

He examined the box and saw quite large holes.

“It’s some kind of animal. Did you ask for an animal?”

“No …”

He listened to the sounds coming from the box. When Ronald rushed to open the box, he quickly opened it. Underneath was a cage with a small squirrel monkey inside.

Ronald’s mouth fell open and a look of amazement appeared in his eyes – “A squirrel monkey ???” Suddenly his mind went back to his childhood when he saw the ad for a squirrel monkey.

“I sent for this monkey in the 1950s when I was 10 years old !! … What the hell ?!” The animal began to jump up and down and chirped louder. Then his family came out to see what the noise was about. Ronald looked at the cage and saw an envelope taped outside the cage. He tore it off and began to read a letter:

From the National Administration of Space Aerodynamics

To whom it May concern,

If you have received this squirrel monkey that we at NASA affectionately call “Miss Baker”, it is because you may have bought one of these types of monkeys in the past. We are sorry you did not receive your animal, but now we offer you to Miss Baker that you purchased along with 25 other squirrel monkeys from a pet store in Miami, Florida and brought to Naval Aviation Medicine School in Pensacola. You are getting old and you need a new home. He started working for us in 1959 and became our first monkey in space. We sent her into space for 16 minutes and successfully returned in perfect health. No physical or mental abnormalities were found in her. Not only is he a historical monkey, but he has developed great knowledge and skills. I have included photos of her while she was with us at NASA.

We will miss her and hope you take good care of her!


JL Flights, NASA Director of Astrophysics

The body of the animal was mostly brown. In her pink face were two black eyes, a small nose, and a dark mouth. She was about a foot tall and weighed about a pound and a half. Ronald gave “Miss Baker” a smile, but he and his entire family looked a bit stunned. Ronald’s little daughter Tina was afraid to take her out, but Miss Baker immediately jumped out of the cage towards Tina and hugged her. Then, he quickly jumped to the ground, gurgling at the same time. It was clear that Tina was the favorite member of the monkey family, possibly because she could identify with Tina because she was small. After a few weeks, the family thought of Miss Baker as part of the family.

Ronald reflected on his childhood when he wanted a squirrel monkey for a pet and never got one. Somehow, it seemed like a miracle that the precious animal his father paid for so long ago finally made it to his home. Seeing the little monkey playing with his daughter, making her so happy, made the long wait worth it.

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