Tips for writing a flawless response on the website

Let people come to you again and again to capture relevant information. That is how.

Be precise, concise, and effortless. Don’t fake anything or people would think of it as a sham.

Show and tell your experience if you had one. If you are about to try that thing, please mention “I’m going to try”. Don’t just jump to conclusions. The bottom line is to be honest in what you write. I think when you write something to satisfy a query from the audience or the person, you HAVE to be honest. There is no doubt about it.

Give relevance to what you are saying. For example: a link or an image or a gif (yes, it is relevant today).

I do not repeat DO NOT put expired links or people will seriously block you. Before posting a link in the reply box, make sure it is still running.

There would be 10 answers to a question on the popular Ask Me websites. If your answer matches the rest, then it is of no use and it would look and sound like a simple sheep in the flock. Try to do a lot of research or it is best to experiment and then write your personal opinion. This is a great way to reach people’s hearts. Personal experiences find a space in people’s lives. If you don’t have time, just write what you know.

Imagination is a great thing, but it doesn’t always work. Don’t write reviews based on your thoughts or perceptions. Always remember that realism is the key to building trust.

Stay on topic and start talking about your dog and cat loves. Focus on what the audience needs to know and just scribble on that little piece (if it’s small, otherwise stick with your essay-type style).

Do not write novels or letters to get answers. We don’t want to sound like Shakespeare or Dante in these modern times. Everyone loves short. The best excuse is that they don’t have the time or interest in surfing a lot. Actually, it’s pretty sad that people don’t read everything. But we don’t want to argue because this is a fast paced world and we have to go with the flow.

Abbreviations, quotes, and key phrases are a great way to start an answer or description, so try inserting it.

Be funny, don’t make a sad face or phrase unless it’s about suicide or murder or other sensitive topics. We can’t laugh at that. Really. Try to connect your heart with him and that your emotions coincide precisely with the audience.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back with some more tips. Until then ta-ta.

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