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Top 5 Tips to Build Muscle Fast

All aspiring bodybuilders want to build muscles fast. However, most people fail to gain weight particularly quickly and become frustrated at the lack of progress. There are some easily implementable tips that can help you build muscle fast. So, without wasting any more time, here are some quick tips to build muscle fast:

1) Visualize. Draw a picture of yourself in your imagination exactly how you would like to be. If your goal is to get really ripped, consider yourself strolling on the beach and earning respectful glances from pretty girls. This works for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it sends powerful messages to your subconscious mind about what you want your life to be like. In order for this image to materialize, he begins to alter his behavior on a day-to-day basis to fit the image. It also gives you more confidence and increased motivation to keep working towards your goal. Try doing this daily for at least 10 minutes and you will start to notice the benefits. Your behavior will effortlessly channel much more towards building muscle fast.

Most top athletes, including Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Usain Bolt, to name just a few, use visualization heavily in their training and attribute much of their success to it. So if they choose not to take my word for it, at least beat them up for the results they’ve achieved!

2) Variation. Use as much variety in your training as possible. Compound sets are a must-have technique to use in your training. This is done by performing a regular set for a specific muscle group and then doing another set for the same muscle group but this time doing a different exercise. For example, lateral raises performed immediately after a set of shoulder presses. A magnificent burn can be felt when doing this. Other great tricks to boost growth are: super sets, drop sets, giant sets, partials, etc. use as many of these as possible.

3) Nutrition for muscle development before and after training. About an hour and a half before your workout have a good size snack and about a half hour before a very light snack like a piece of fruit or something. As soon as possible after training, try to get a big dose of carbs and protein into your system. Other times when it is essential to eat calories to build muscle quickly is just before bed and immediately after waking up. Don’t forget that your muscles grow at times of rest like sleep so that’s when they also need a lot of calories to use!

4) Train less than 45 minutes. Training longer results in the release of the wrong type of muscle-building hormones and will actually slow down your muscle-building progress. In fact, 30 minute training sessions are perfect, this will mean that you will finish your training session with your hormones at the perfect levels to build muscle mass and also you will not have used too much of your body’s energy supplies.

5) Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the prize and avoid letting your thoughts wander or never let yourself be distracted while training. You’re not there for long, so go hard while you’re at the gym and then get out there and rest. Start using headphones and keep a training log, both of which can help you stay focused. This will provide you with realistic and motivating goals to strive for each session.

Those are 5 great points to keep in mind when it comes to building muscle fast. Give them a try for a couple of months and watch yourself grow!

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