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Top ten songs from famous musical descendants

Although her famous husband was murdered nearly forty years ago, John Lennon’s widow has continued to help keep his memory as relevant as his music to this day. Yoko Ono celebrated her 85th birthday last week, inspiring her longtime fans and friends to reflect on her impact on the world of music.

She was just one of the few women who married a member of The Beatles, and certainly the best known of those wives. She is also one of the few artists to have a child who followed in her footsteps, as only a handful of them have appeared in music history.

His son Sean Lennon has established an impressive musical career, whether as an artist, producer or promoter. His debut album, Inside the sun, received critical acclaim and continues to influence the music of many millennial bands.

Here are ten other artists whose parents had great careers in the music world, identified with their best songs.

Some velvet morning for Nancy sinatra

The daughter of the most famous members of the Rat Pack scored a hit with this eccentric number, one of many duets she performed with songwriter Lee Hazelwood.

Say you’re wrong for Julian Lennon

Sean’s stepbrother reached the Top Ten with “Too Late For Goodbyes” and the title track of his debut album. Valotte, but this lesser known tune is the true gem of that record.

Family tradition for Hank Williams, Jr.

The musical autobiography would be an appropriate label for this classic, giving a humorous look at some of the vices of the clan.

Last night for Albert Hammond, Jr. and the blows.

His father gained immortality through “It Never Rains In Southern California,” and two and a half decades later, his son’s band recorded the first great guitar rock album of the 21st century.

Out of the game for Rufus wainwright

Sister Martha has also become a popular musician, but the eldest son was the first to follow his father Loudon in a career of making songs as beautiful as this title track.

This will be for Natalie Cole

Thanks to technology, the daughter was able to record a duet with her famous father almost thirty years after Nat King Cole’s death.

They have given me for Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers

“Un faro” and “Tres Merlenas” by Knocking down the horse were much bigger hits, but it’s in this catchy introspective cut of Breach when the son is more like his father lyrically.

She is so tall for Tai bachman

His father was half the reason for Bachman Turner Overdrive and “Takin ‘Care of Business,” but the younger generation is much more familiar with this smash hit from the’ 90s.

Seven years of pain for Rosanne cash

Dad sang the bass over a boy named Sue, but the daughter found stardom through this title track from her second album.

Berkeley Girl for Simon Harper

Paul’s son in this tune shows some of the same songwriting muscle that made his father part of the most famous duo in pop music history.

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