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Volkswagen dubchat

A talk show in a Volkswagen.

Yes, that’s right, a talk show in a VW. The fact is, this is the only known talk show that takes place entirely inside a VW. Rather than bore you with information on VW vehicle models in traditional video formats, VW wanted to liven things up a bit. So there will be two co-hosts reporting directly from inside a VW car model. This talk show is simply known as “Dubchat” and you can watch the video series from VW’s Intelligent Crash Response System to Passat features at

The guests

For this offbeat talk show to work the way Dubchat does, it needs to have the right hosts. These hosts must have the wit and personality to match this kind of unique setting. Enter Pete and Jimmy. The main host is Pete and he has been a VW enthusiast since 1979, which was the first year he took a ride in his parents’ 1979 Beetle. Pete’s partner / co-host is Jimmy, who started driving VW in high school. Together these two are the host team for Dubchat, where they generally open the doors of VW during the show as a welcome to VW engineers, designers and consumers.


Even though new Dubchat videos are constantly being added to the site, there are around 12 videos available on Here’s a look at some of today’s talk show shorts:

• Beetle: This short video shows how the VW Beetle maintains its traditional appearance with sportier dynamics.

• Jetta hybrid: A hot topic in today’s industry is ecology and one way you can go greener is to own a hybrid vehicle, which combines electric vehicle technology with an internal combustion engine. This short video focuses on the Jetta hybrid, which is one of VW’s green initiatives.

• Passat: The Passat is very spacious and has great technology and features.

• Jetta: This episode of Dubchat takes you inside the VW Jetta.

• Tiguan: This episode of Dubchat shows the high quality, strong and smart build of the Tiguan.

• Tuareg: This episode of Dubchat takes you inside the Touareg with its 64 cubic feet of cargo space.

• TDI: Your hosts will tell you all about VW’s turbocharged direct injection engine.

• DSG: The Dubchat hosts will be talking about a VW feature called Direct Shift Gearbox.

• Quality and durability: The last thing a person wants when buying a new car is for it to fall on them. This episode of Dubchat covers how each VW is made for quality and durability.

• Turbo: More power is the theme of this turbocharged Dubchat episode.

• ICRS: This episode of Dubchat covers VW’s intelligent accident response system and the ways it keeps drivers safe.

• Laptop: The hosts tell you how to connect your VW to a computer and a phone, all inside your VW.

Make sure to watch all the Dubchat videos and look for new ones through the VW website, and don’t stop here with your understanding and learning of VW and its models and features, visit your local Volkswagen dealer today and see for yourself. .

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