What color would you like the PS4 console to be?

Well, the technical specs, add-ons, look, shape, and other capabilities of the PS4 aren’t the only areas of discussion among hardcore Sony PlayStation fans.

Some of the speculators are also predicting the colors the Sony PS4 might appear in. Guess what, the glossy black has gotten too boring, as the PS2 was only one color too, as did the PS1 (with an optional gray color).

So it makes sense for Sony to make the next PS4 in multiple colors after all. However, when you consider the most luxurious home theater systems and living room interiors, nothing matches as perfectly as the PS3’s glossy black color.

Therefore, there are both negative and positive points about choosing a color other than the usual black. But Sony, as usual, wouldn’t tell you anything about this for sure (color aside, they haven’t even revealed the basic technical specs).

So it’s up to fans to guess what color the PS4 console might actually be. After all, if you want some fancy colors and design variations, it might be a good idea to flood comments in articles and community forums, because Sony would indeed be reading those posts and comments very carefully.

And who knows, if too many people demand a particular color (like silver / gray / dark blue / green), Sony might give you a second option. So please express your views of what color you would like the PS4 console to be.

Lastly, let’s not be spoilers, everyone knows the odds are in Black’s favor, and you’re not going to win a contest by guessing BLACK!

So, please let everyone read your opinions and express their thoughts on what color you would like the PS4 console to have. I would start this game myself, and my best bet would be metallic silver or a lovely gray, which one is yours? (Are there red, blue, green, yellow or orange fans here?)

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