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Why do I crave spinach?

This article answers and provides insight into why you crave spinach. This symptom is part of food allergy and also part of candida symptoms. For example, this woman had a craving for spinach for a few days. Someone from the internet said that she could be because she is allergic. That could be because a hive appeared on her cheek today, and her face was slightly red where she had a rash before.

Any thoughts on when listening to cravings is a good idea? She thought her body was fine craving this nice leafy green. She ate some tomatoes and broccoli today, because she definitely didn’t have a craving for those!

Spinach, like lentils, is high in oxalic acid. Dr. MacFarland’s word on spinach is: “…Eat spinach raw as oxalic acid (which blocks the absorption of calcium and zinc) is released when cooking it. Also, beet greens, whether raw or cooked , contain large amounts of oxalic acid.Cook cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, mustard greens, and radishes.In their raw state, they contain an enzyme (thyrourocil) that blocks the function of the thyroid gland. Only lightly steaming these vegetables is necessary to destroy the enzyme. Since there are trace minerals in the juice, be sure to drink the juice or add it to soups. As noted on the Food Sensitivity List, cole slaw should be avoided not only because it is made from raw cabbage but also contains aluminized sugar and salt.

In the nut family, peanuts (in any form) contain a toxin and mold that put them on the list of foods to avoid. They are also thyroid blockers just like the cabbage family.”

So be careful with spinach. It’s fine raw, but once cooked it produces the unpleasant oxalic acid which is not so pleasant to us. As for cravings, I only have them at certain times of the month. If you’re craving healthy things, chances are your body is telling you that it wants that food group, so find out what’s allowed from the food group you’re craving for, and you might be able to relieve it this way.

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