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Will you really lose 23 pounds in a 3 week period?

The three week diet system has gained popularity in a very short time. This program was only developed in 2015. It is actually a weight reduction plan that aims to experience more positive results very quickly. This healthy eating plan is made for you to lose weight quickly, between 12 and 20 pounds in just a period of 3 weeks, as long as you follow the diet to the letter.

Most people who start a healthy eating plan are basically unable to achieve the desired goal as they give up before discovering the results they want. Diets that aim to shed two pounds a week are exhausting, but my motivation, like my willpower, dwindles pretty quickly unless you have a compelling chance of reaching your weight-loss goals.

I am not alone. Dieting for weeks with limited results demotivates people and these people tend to give up trying. This was the reason nutritionist Brian Flatt developed the Three Week Diet; a system that made his body lose body fat rapidly and accelerated weight loss.

Shedding any extra fat and then keeping up the momentum to maintain your weight can be difficult. The Three Week Diet Manual not only tells you what to do for 21 days, it also tells you what to do for a three week period taking into account the diet to maintain your new weight.

So how does the diet of the week work? The main and overwhelming comprehensive 3 week diet plan turns out to be the most healthy eating plan that consists of 4 different phases.

Phrase 1 It was the most difficult for me. It lasted and got a week and such was the phase where I lost the most weight by far. I was 9 pounds lighter by the end of the week.

Phase 2 it was almost 1 day however i also lost a pound this time

Phase 3 it was from day 9 to 11. This was quite unusual and I lost another 3 pounds.

Phase 4 was when it comes to the remaining days i.e. 12 to 21. The main goal associated with this 9 day phase would be to continue losing weight while returning to a better “normal” diet. I lost another four pounds at the end of the phase. So less drastic, but effective nonetheless.

Like many weight loss diet plans, it has been as much a diet program as it has been an exercise program. The movement plan is comprised of a daily walk (not too strenuous!) and an optional fat-accelerating workout.

Phase 1 of the three week healthy eating plan in action

There is no escape. Phase 1 was tough. It is a 3 meals a day product of any crash diet. It is very restrictive on the different types of food and cooking methods. I was only free to eat. Fortunately you had included unlimited amounts of some vegetables, so I was able to submit to them beyond the prescribed volumes of meat and fish.

I weighed myself every day and it really motivated me to have access to the needle on the scale that was slowly going down. Finally it was a reliable job. I can’t deny that I was hungry and a bit grumpy until I started drinking coffee again!

I also implement exercises. Again, it wasn’t easy, but ticking the days apart, truly understanding that it was ultimately only for a short time, made all the difference.

At the end of phase 1 I was overjoyed to see that I had broken all previous records and lost a whole 9 pounds. I remember phase 1 of his eating routine, it seemed almost impossible for him to emotionally go through the entire week without cheating, and that’s ok, I cheated very little. But after getting through the initial week, I soon felt quite euphoric and much slimmer.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is basically a one day fast. After the restriction of a given previous week, it seemed like this was hard, but honestly, I was surprised to find that this was one of the easiest days of the entire program. In my opinion, continuing the previous week to the letter had set me up for success. And again I was delighted to become another pound lighter the next morning.

Seriously, I’d say any time you buy the 3 Week Diet regimen book, just don’t skip the fasting phase. There really is a fundamental reason for the way a nutritious diet is created and, to my surprise, it certainly works.

Phase 3

This phase lasts 4 days and is actually by far the most unusual and counterintuitive. So much so, in fact, that we started looking into it myself so you can be sure I was doing the right thing! Fortunately, I discovered that it wasn’t that far-fetched when I thought about it either and there was actually some solid science behind this phase considering plan.

I took pains to find this phase quite challenging as it was the first one where I was asked to calculate the calories I was eating. I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to get calorie values ​​off the internet for just about any food you can think of and then it’s just a matter of worrying about using scales (more accurate than cup measurements) to make sure your portion sizes are correct.

Notably, I didn’t lose as much weight when I was expecting in this phase, but I think that was considering I didn’t start weighing things, so on day three, when I found out that my previous estimates of how much I should be eating accurately were very far off the mark. base.

Still another phase, another 1.5lbs and also sure would have been more if I had planned it right.

Phase 4 – The final countdown. Phase 4 is the longest phase and exists for 9 days. It involves a gradual return to a healthier diet than normal nutrition. Specifically, the number of calories you consume daily during this phase is based on your total body mass index, or BMI. There is a section in the manual that explains how to calculate this from body fat and height and then how you can work out what you need to consume based on the result.

I continued to think about myself each day and the pounds continued to come off, albeit at a slightly slower rate. However, I was happy to return a highly competent normally balanced diet in which food resources were not expressly prohibited (unless I had skipped a page in the manual).

I noticed that my belly fat was gradually disappearing and my jeans were less tight, even after I had washed them! My waist had shrunk 2 inches and I had the ability to adjust the belt with 3 additional holes.

At the end of the phase, he was only another four pounds lighter.

Is that rapid weight loss program successful?

Absolutely. I followed the 3-week nutritional routine and aside from a few tricks, I lost a total of 14.5 pounds. I took the time to do most of the mandatory exercise but not much of the optional workouts. I found the workouts quite difficult, on the other hand, I’m not in shape to begin with. Despite being difficult, the level of weight I lost in its normal relatively short amount of time made it a good idea. Surely he could have lost more if he had planned better, exercised countless, and not cheated.

I’d be lucky if I had a handful of weeks without gaining back some or all of this weight! Then implement the full diet again. The other time, phase 1 was much less complicated: I think my forms were implemented and I did not deliver coffee now. I didn’t lose as much weight, but I am now 30 pounds lighter than I was 8 months ago and for the first time I can honestly say I am satisfied with my appearance.

The double benefit is that I currently know how to maintain my weight and also if I go crazy on vacation and drop a few kilos, I am sure that I can lose them again without much effort.

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