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earthquake insurance for the rich

Why the wealthy should consider earthquake insurance. Why Senior Homeowners Should Consider Earthquake Insurance Why earthquake insurance becomes more useful as you pay down your principal Have you been faithfully paying the mortgage on your main home for the past 15 years? Are you starting to feel like you’re making progress? Be careful, you may […]


Our veteran family

“Hey everyone, wake up… get up!” “I’m here!” That was my/our grandfather’s 4:30am and/or 5:30am wake up call every time he came into town from New Haven, Connecticut; We loved that cadence! “Ernest (Buster) Boulware”, formerly at 142 Cedar Hill Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06511, was the love of my life! “Ernest (Buster) Boulware” was […]


Guitar Practice – Best Practice Tips

Sure, playing guitar is fun, relaxing, satisfying, and a great way to spend a night with friends. But the truth of the matter is that to be good at guitar, like anything else, you have to spend some time practicing. For some, the term “practice” conjures up visions of drudgery and self-imposed imprisonment. And it […]


Teacher Gifts: 10 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers play an important role in guiding a child’s growth and development. Starting from learning the alphabets in kindergarten, a child develops the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. The child then progresses to study literature, science, math, social studies, and foreign languages ​​in high school. All this intellectual growth would not be possible without […]


PS4 release date – "More than ten years away"?

I recently read an article about the PS4 release date that had the title “Hirai suggests PS4 is over ten years away”. After reading the article, I discovered that he didn’t make any suggestions as to when the PlayStation 4 release date would be, and again this was speculation fanning false flames of curiosity and […]

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Change the codependent dynamic in abusive relationships

Many codependents are in abusive relationships with addicts or people with mental illness. Codependency symptoms foster dysfunctional dynamics in these relationships, which in turn worsen codependency symptoms. This makes sense when we consider the definition of codependency and that codependents have a “lost self,” in the sense that their thinking and behavior revolve around another […]